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Scented Photo Book for Tohoku


An aroma brand, aromamora released yet another charity product dedicated to Tohoku.  “aromamora books vol1 Tohoku” is a photo book scented by a blend of special aroma oil, and is a collection of 50 photos that captured beautiful memories of Tohoku areas before 3.11. The photos have been selected from over 500 submissions from people who wanted to share their special memories for the project. The photo book was created in hopes to keep the good memories and times of Tohoku, and W+K Tokyo’s Kentaro Shihaku worked on this project as a Creative Director.

アロマブランド、aromamoraが東北のためのチャリティープロジェクトの第二弾をリリース。『aromamora books vol1 東北』 は、東北の森をイメージしてブレンドされた特別な香り付きの写真集で、ネットで呼びかけられ集められた、3.11前に撮影された様々な東北地方での美しい思い出の写真約500枚から厳選された50枚を収録。素敵な時間や美しい思い出を風化させないように、という思いで、制作された写真集は、W+K Tokyoの志伯健太郎がクリエイティブディレクションを担当しています。



Each photo has a message from the person who took the photo. The book also include a map that shows the location of where each photo was photographed, and a refill bottle of the aroma oil. All the proceeds from the photo book will be donated to a charitable organization that supports the children affected by the disaster, and other organizations supporting to rebuild devastated areas in Tohoku.



>>Find out more on “aromamora books vol1 東北/Tohoku” here

W+K Tokyo Ladies are Keeping it Cool with Yukata


It’s about 35℃ here in Tokyo and our ladies decided to keep it cool by wearing Yukata, traditional summer kimono to the office.

現在、気温35℃の東京。涼しげな浴衣で出社のW+K Tokyo女子3名。


Yukata makes everything cute and fun, how a summer Friday should be.


Levi’s Go Forth Campaign “Now is Our Time”

The Levi’s brand introduced the first global campaign in the brand’s 138 years of history, “Go Forth – Now is Our Time” is now launching in 24 countries around the world.

Levi’sブランド138年の歴史上、初となるグローバルキャンペーン「Go Forth」Now is Our Timeが本日より世界24カ国で同時展開されました。


The campaign tag line is “NOW IS OUR TIME.” It presents a message that anything can happen in our life, but no matter what happens, we should accept our time and keep a positive attitude. It’s a phrase representing positive feelings of those who try to move forward in their jeans. “GO FORTH” is Levi’s brand message. Through the message, Levi’s is transmitting the spirit to survive the modern world while reminding us the pioneers who carved out the frontier (New World) in jeans during the period of development and settlement of the American West.

キャンペーンメッセージは「NOW IS OUR TIME」(今こそ、オレたちの時代)生きていればいろんなことが起きる。しかし、たとえ何が起きても、これが自分たちの時代、前向きに行こう。というメッセージが込められています。ジーンズを穿いて前に進もうとするポジティブな気持ちをのせた言葉です。  「GO FORTH」はリーバイスのブランドメッセージ。西部開拓時代にジーンズを穿いてフロンティア(新天地)を開拓した男たちを彷彿とさせながら、現代社会を生き抜くためのスピリットを広告として発信しています。




W+K’s friend and local artist, SHOHEI TAKASAKI has been working on a new art book, YELLO. For this issue W+K Tokyo’s Art Buyer/ Producer, Akio Iida got involved to write the liner notes. Check out his inspiring introduction written while he was based in Ishinomaki.

W+Kと関わりの深いローカルアーティスト、SHOHEI TAKASAKIが創るアートブック、YELLOの最新号が登場。 W+K Tokyoのアートバイヤー/プロデューサー、飯田昭雄が石巻にて活動中に執筆したライナーノートには、今の日本、そしてアートシーンに対するアツい想いが込められています。





The concept of YELLO is keeping the art in the artists hand. Each issue is curated by an artist, so they can pick up who artists they think are happening right now. This is the second issue and was curated by POPYOIL from Fukouka. Check it out!