W+K Tokyo

Don’t try this in your brand new office


Our new office turned into a screen printing studio since late last night. And so many more to go…


We Ran Together for Tohoku


As part of Japan’s disaster relief efforts following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Nike launched the “RUN TOGETHER” project on Sunday March 11th, 2012. The goal of the project was to gather participants and run the equivalent of the outer perimeter of Japan (32,000 km) in 24 hours using Nike+. For every kilometer synched with Nike+, Nike pledged to donate 500 JPY towards the disaster reconstruction efforts led by Architecture for Humanity, a US nonprofit organization.

NIKEが東日本大震災被災地への復興支援として3月11日(日)に行ったRUN TOGETHERは、参加者全員で日本のほぼ外周にあたる32,000kmを走る事を目標とし、Nike+に同期されたランデータ1kmにつき500円、および公式サイト上での各SNSボタンのクリック1回につき1円を米国NPOのArchitecture for Humanityを通して被災地復興のために寄付されるというチャレンジでした。

At the stroke of midnight on March 11th, participants from all over Japan started to run. After 14 hours, just before 2:46pm when the earthquake happened last year, runners passed the goal of 32,000 km. Five hours later, the total distance surpassed 64,000 km, or two laps of the country. Beyond the run, people participated in RUN TOGETHER by sending tweets and posts of encouragement via social media. 9,609 runners participated in the event, and after 24 hours the final distance reached 113,811km, which was more than 300% of the original goal.



Our New Beginning


We gathered at the new office in Nakameguro for bagels and coffee to celebrate our new beginning. The office smells really good with all the new wooden furniture and freshly brewed coffee.

中目黒の新オフィスでの初日は、スタッフみんなで集まり焼きたてベーグルとコーヒー の朝食でお祝い。新しい家具の木の香りと、淹れたてのコーヒーの匂いで、とても新鮮な空気です。


We’ve invited a special guest, a Shinto priest, for this memorable morning to provide us a blessing ceremony for our office. He delivered a chant for our prosperity and safety.





Then the priest gave blessings for all of us.



We’re looking forward to a bright future in our brand new office, and hope you all come and visit us soon. When you come, you’ll be able to see lots of interesting details that are the handiwork of our ECD Tota Hasegawa. In the meantime, we’ll get back to unpacking our boxes…

新オフィスで始まるこれからの毎日が、より明るく素敵でありますように! ECDのTotaがディテールにこだわって完成した新オフィスを早くお披露目できる日が来るといいです。ということは、早く荷物を全部どうにかしなければ…

W+K Tokyo is Moving


Good bye Roppongi and hello Nakameguro. W+K Tokyo will be relocating a brand new office in Nakameguro as of March 14th, 2012.

さよなら六本木、こんにちは中目黒。W+K Tokyoは2012年3月14日を持って中目黒へ移転いたします。

We created a special site dedicated to our relocation while packing insane amount of boxes.


>> We are MOVING !! 

See you in Nakameguro.

[New Address]

1-7-13, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

153-0051, JAPAN