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Lunch with…Misha Janette

Tokyo’s inspiring stylist/style icon/fashion editor/blogger, Misha Janette somehow managed her schedule to visit our office.

スタイリストでスタイルアイコンでファッション編集者で世界的ブロガーのミーシャ・ジャネットが、多忙のスケジュールの中、奇跡的にW+K Tokyoのオフィスに登場しました。

Isn’t it so refreshing to have someone like her to brighten up your lunch hour? She tells us she wears pieces designed and created by local designers. Her outfit is a curation of all of aspiring Tokyo designers.


Her shoes are designed by Anrealage, a Japanese label who created a whole collection inspired by low-res or pixilated image. Find out more about this brand and the collection on her blog post here.


>>Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Misha gave a nice presentation about the current trend analysis about Tokyo fashion and some of her favorite designers. She also shared some of her works as a stylist.


Thank you Misha for visiting us!

I hope you get a chance to take a look at her brand, Plumb. It’s the world’s first high-fashion wig brand.

W+K Tokyoのオフィスに来てくれてありがとうミーシャ!


>>Misha Janette’s Website

>>PLUMB | Fashion Forward Wigs for a Backward World