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DJ Puripuri and Paul Nonaka

This is the image of Kintaro, a famous super hero from a traditional Japanese folklore.


And this is DJ Puripuri on the cover of the latest mauleaf, a quarterly published by Musashino Art University. The issue is entirely dedicated to this 27-year-old “mysterious creature” and his various unique projects. You might spot him in the crowded art gallery events, late night in club ageHa, or even at the mathematic tutoring school in Asakusa-bashi, looking just like Kintaro.

そして上が武蔵野美術大学の広報誌 mauleaf最新号の表紙に写るDJぷりぷり。彼を「UMA」と記し、DJ ぷりぷりとその活動を特集している。この写真そのままの衝撃的な姿の彼を、様々なアートイベントやメディアアートの展示会、またはageHaや、浅草橋天才算数塾など、東京中のランダムな場所で目撃する人も少なくないでしょう。

Even if you read the entire magazine and try to google his name for hours, you still don’t understand what he does or what he is. So we decided to invite DJ Puripuri and his partner, Pauro Nonaka to our office to get to know them.


After 45min, we were still not sure how they live off of what they do, such as operating their event space/bar/math tutoring school/music label/fortune telling service. But they seem to connect with the interesting people to get involved in various events and projects. “No concept,” they said, but they organically transform themselves and maneuver around the wide range of Tokyo culture. Their way of living sound very futuristic to us.



And the 1st album that’s recently released from their label is unexpectedly good.  No concept is the new freedom, may be?


Thank you for visiting us!


JKD Collective Launch Party Tomorrow!

Our fam, Bruce Ikeda, co-founder and producer at W+K Tokyo Lab is forming a group of Japan’s leading innovators in music, visual design, and technology called “JKD Collective.” JKD’s team boasts 12 leading artists in the Japanese music scene plus 12 visual innovators, including many familiar names, such as HIFANA, Genki Ito and Kosai Sekine.

W+K Tokyo Labの創立者でありプロデューサーのBruce Ikedaが、また新たな試みに挑戦するとのこと。Bruceが明日(!)立ち上げるJKD Collectiveは、音楽、ヴィジュアルデザイン、そしてテクノロジーの分野で日本をリードするアーティスト集団。HIFANA、Genki Ito、Kosai Sekineなど、W+K Tokyoの仲間達を含めた12人のミュージシャンと12人のビジュアルイノベーターたちが今後様々なプロジェクトを共同で展開するそうです。すげー。

At the launch party “VIDEO MUSIC” on Thursday, July 12th at Shibuya WWW, JKD Collective will unveil their live chops for the first time.  WWW features one of the best sound and projection systems in Japan, and we hear that the event will include motion capture, projection mapping, sound and graphic design. Follow JKD Collective tumblr here>>JKD Collective

明日7月12日(木)に渋谷WWWで開催される「VIDEO MUSIC」と題されたイベントでは、彼らの作品が初めてライブで体感できる貴重なステージになりそう。WWWの国内最高峰のサウンドシステムとプロジェクション設備を駆使し、ライブ中に繰り広げられる実験的なモーションキャプチャーや立体プロジェクションマッピングもかなり期待してよいかも。詳細はJKD Collectiveのtumblrがおすすめ>> JKD Collective


Happy 4th of July

July 4th gives us a great reason to drink cold beer and do fireworks, even though there are a very few Americans in our office. Happy Independence Day!!

7月4日の米国独立記念日は、初夏の夜にみんなで集まり、冷えたビールを飲んで花火をするには最適の口実です。といってもアメリカ人のスタッフがそんなにたくさんいるわけじゃないんだけど… とにかく、ハッピーインディペンデンスデイ!!


Meet Joseph

And yes, that’s Joseph. He will run 100 meters for every “Like” he gets on the facebook page.

彼がジョセフ。GPSランナー の彼がみんなからの「いいね」1つにつき100m走ります。

Look! His first run for the campaign, Joseph ran a “LIKE” with the first 33 likes he received. We wonder what his next run will be?? Make him run longer by hitting “Like” on the link below.

このキャンペーンの初めに、みんなからもらった33の「いいね」で3.3km走ったジョセフが、GPS機能を使って都内に「いいね」マークを描きました。次は何を描くのか…っていうか、「いいね」もらいすぎちゃったら、どうするんだろう!(笑 より大きなGPSアートを描いてもらうために、下のリンクから「いいね」してみて!

Smart Phone:http://bit.ly/MMsYuL

Nike RUN Like ME

Remember Joseph, the iRunner? He is on a new challenge!


During the month of July, Joseph Tame has pledged to Run Longer, and he wants you to help him do it. For every ‘like’ the RUN LIKE ME page receives, Joseph will run 100 meters more.So stop by and give Joseph your ‘like’ and then follow him as he attempts to run every last one. You can follow Joseph’s journey over the next month as the Internet challenges him to run longer.Joseph’s run is powered by the Nike Lunar Glide 4, the shoe designed to cushion yourstride and enable you to run longer. Follow Joseph here as he attempts to make every ‘like’ count.

ジョセフ・テイムは7月の間、みんなからの応援で、走り続けます。RUN LIKE MEページの「いいね!」ひとつにつき、ジョセフが100m走ります。あなたの「いいね!」でジョセフのランをサポートしてあげてください。1ヶ月に渡って、みんなからの「いいね!」で続いてゆく、ジョセフのランの軌跡を見守りましょう。ジョセフのランは NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+4 によって支えられています。革新的なクッションが、距離に負けない、つよい走りをサポートします。さぁあなたもジョセフの挑戦に、「いいね!」してください。