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Choco Choro

Time to get to know some more new faces at W+K Tokyo this month as we welcome PR champion Choco Sasaki and studio designer Choro Koumae. Aside from Choco’s PR smarts, we are also hoping that with her experience playing for Tottenham Ladies she will transform the fortunes of our footsal team FC W+K東京.

Designer Choro has worked with a lot of us at W+K Tokyo before on projects like Tokyo’s Internet Black Market, and as well as being a top designer he also has an excellent duck tattoo.

Welcome both!

*NOTE: this blog post has no affiliation to the world’s most delicious chocolate croissants “Choco Cro” which will blow your mind as well as any prior commitments to calorie control.

Nike Football: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves a Vapor Trail


全世界のフットボールLoversが待ちに待った、NIKE MercurialVapor IXのCMが公開されました。


10年前の衝撃的な初登場から常に一歩前を進んで来たフットボールスパイク、Mercurialの新世代モデル『NIKE MercurialVapor IX』のために、W+K TokyoとW+K Portlandがコラボレーションして製作したCMはMercurialのイメージそのものであるスピードを体感できる作品として、公開日から話題を呼んでいます。

世界のフィールドでは、何かが驚異的なスピードで動いている。それは、起き上がると同時に、伝説的な足跡を残しながら進む。草を引きちぎり、ディフェンダーを空中へ吹き飛ばし、スタジアムごと引っぱりながら突き進む。 Vapor Trailは、信じ難いほど超高速なアクションの物語。



New NIKE Mercurial Vapor IX CM was launched.
This is for all the football fans!



Since its original launch over 10 years ago, the Mercurial has always stood out. W+K Tokyo and W+K Portland present a collaborative effort to create a CM in which you can feel the speed of the Mercurial Vapor IX.

There is something moving insanely fast out on the pitch, creating a legendary trail of carnage in its wake. It’s pulling up the grass, lifting defenders into the air and taking the stadium with it. What could be moving at this uncatchable speed?!

The story of one incredible act of blazing speed





W+K Tokyoのブログをご覧のみなさま、ハッピーニューイヤー!ということで日本のお正月に欠かせないのが「駅伝」。この由緒あるレースを競う選手達を応援するため、NIKEが2013年らしい新たな応援方法をインターネット上で本日よりスタートさせています。

Happy New Year to all of you checking out W+K Tokyo blog. You can’t have a Japanese new year without Ekiden, the dramatic University relay marathon. In order to boost the excitement and amplify the Ekiden conversation, NIKE has launched a brand new way to cheer the runners online today.


RTtasukiでは、Nike Running JPの公式アカウント (@nikerun_jp) が、記号や文字のみを組み合わせてアートを作成する「アスキーアート(AA)」で描かれた、NIKEがサポートする5大学の大学名や選手名のタスキを Twitter上にポスト。みなさんがこの「タスキーアート(!!)を公式RT(リツイート)する度に、公式サイト 上でタスキが繋がってゆくようなビジュアライゼーションが生まれます。

In RTtasuki, Nike Running JP twitter account will be posting images created by ASCII art, a form of image making by using only symbols and letters on the computer. These ASCII art will each represent the name of five universities and the runners that Nike supports in a Tasuki form, or cloth sash, which the runners pass on to the next one as they reach each station point. You can “pass” it on to the next person through the simple act of RTing on your twitter. The official site will visualize the Ascii art being passed on throughout the race.

>>Follow @nikerun_jp on Twitter

Retweet and pass it on from 8:00am on January 2 till the race ends on January 3. How fast and far can our Tasukis go?

>>Nike – RT TASUKI

Happy 2013 from W+K Tokyo

Here’s to a blank page. Here’s to a new pen. Here’s to reckless optimism. Here’s to sparks and wild hairs. Here’s to the unknown. Here’s to risk. Here’s to dead ends that lead somewhere. Here’s to solving the previously unsolved. Here’s to midnight oil. Here’s to telling a good story. Here’s to compromise. Here’s to uncompromising. Here’s to keeping it simple. Here’s to making hard look easy. Here’s to the skin of our teeth and the seats of our pants. Here’s to wondering how in the world we’re going to pull this off. Here’s to pulling it off. Here’s to savoring it for just a moment, then moving on to what’s next.

Here’s to 2013.



*the video is of a W+K Tokyo end-of-year project featuring local artist Shohei Takasaki.








* ビデオは、東京在住のアーティストであるShohei Takasakiを起用したW+K東京の年末プロジェクトです。