W+K Tokyo

Happy 2013 from W+K Tokyo

Here’s to a blank page. Here’s to a new pen. Here’s to reckless optimism. Here’s to sparks and wild hairs. Here’s to the unknown. Here’s to risk. Here’s to dead ends that lead somewhere. Here’s to solving the previously unsolved. Here’s to midnight oil. Here’s to telling a good story. Here’s to compromise. Here’s to uncompromising. Here’s to keeping it simple. Here’s to making hard look easy. Here’s to the skin of our teeth and the seats of our pants. Here’s to wondering how in the world we’re going to pull this off. Here’s to pulling it off. Here’s to savoring it for just a moment, then moving on to what’s next.

Here’s to 2013.



*the video is of a W+K Tokyo end-of-year project featuring local artist Shohei Takasaki.








* ビデオは、東京在住のアーティストであるShohei Takasakiを起用したW+K東京の年末プロジェクトです。