W+K Tokyo

Happy Valentine’s day

W+K Tokyo celebrate St. Valentine day in very unique way.

Feel the LOVE,  Touch the HEART, Wear the “PINK”??

In Japan, we celebrate St.Valentine’s day in a rather unique way compared to the rest of the world…

Girls give chocolates to boys on February 14th.

That’s the rule here! So Japanese girls are very busy finding and making special chocolatey treats for their lovers.

If you go to any shopping mall in February, you will see so many girls at the sweets section, and some of the best chocolate you will ever see.

This may seem quite one sided… but on March 14th, it’s “White day” .

“Yes girls. We get our own back”

I’m sure the boys have enough time to think what to get for their girls…


I love St. Valentines day :p