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New Tokyo Ondo

Yesterday we were visited by the talented artist Nukyu, who won Japan’s Campus Genius Award in 2012. Nukyu’s animation “New Tokyo Ondo” was her first ever piece of animation work and ended up winning Gold.

若さと才能に溢れるアーティスト ぬQ さんがW+K Tokyoへ遊びにきてくれました。

彼女の最初のアニメーション作品 “ニュ〜東京音頭” は、2012年学生CGコンテストで金賞に輝きました。

The inspiration behind this animation comes from when a building in front of Nukyu’s house was demolished, allowing her to see the bright lights and skyscrapers of Shinjuku from her window, which she imagined as a distant island city. Accessible only by a long train journey, Nyuku began to imagine how much easier it would be to reach the island if only her arms were to grow longer.



Take a look at Nukyu’s wonderful world from this fantastic short animation


Thank you Nukyu.

We presented her with a W+K Tokyo “Good Shit” T-shirt to say thanks.

W+K Tokyo特製”Good Shit”Tシャツをプレゼントいたしました!とってもお似合い☆

Please take a look her other great creative pieces here↓