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Regular blog readers will remember a teaser film for a NIKE FREE event we posted about last month. Well, it was a great night in Tokyo, with athletes, dancers, a custom crane game machine, oh, and FOURTEEN METER TURNTABLES THAT YOU CAN RUN ON. You can check out the video here:

いつもブログを訪問していただいている方なら、先月掲載したNIKE FREEのイベントのお知らせは、記憶に新しいかと思います。当日は、ゲストアスリートの方々、NIKE FREEオリジナルクレーンゲーム、そして人間が走れる14mの巨大ターンテーブルが全く新しいユニークなイベントを演出しました。NIKE GUNYARI BATTLEの模様を紹介したビデオを是非ご覧下さい。






Work Shoppin’

We recently invited our talented friends and recent Hyper Island graduates Jorge, Enio and Ankur into the office to conduct an experiment in collaboration. We met them a few months ago in Tokyo and had a spirited discussion about the merits of lean/agile/rapid creative processes vs. archaic/obstinate/analog ways of making things. We concluded that the only way to settle the debate was to spend a half day trying to create something together and learn a bit about ourselves and each other along the way. So the guys came in and conducted a workshop with us. While we probably won’t be bothering the CERN laboratory any time soon, there was a lot of learning, a lot of broken spaghetti, and we reaffirmed our admiration for the smart people that come out of Hyper Island.

Having some LOLZ

The future of wearable tech

Collaborative portraits

From left, Ankur Rander, Enio Sarrias and Jorge Andrés Sierra Rodriguez. Three smart, lovely guys. You can see more of their work below:




Semi POP-UP store in Shinjuku-ISETAN

アカウントのShinyaが手がける 蝉 semi が、来週からいよいよ新宿伊勢丹で7日間限定のPOP-UP STOREを開催します。



まだ蝉 semiを知らない方も、知ってるよ!、持ってるよ!という方も、蝉 semiの最新作を見に行ってみてはいかが?


From 6/26, W+K Tokyo’s very own Shinya is opening a pop-up store for his brand ‘蝉 semi‘ at Shinjuku ISETAN.

蝉 semi’s philosophy is to expand the length of a designed products life, utilizing outdoor billboards and unused roof materials to create bags and gadget cases.

Shinya feels this particular project is a big challenge and a very special time for him and the brand, especially as he is creating bags and pouches from the iconic billboards which Shinjuku ISETAN used to celebrate their 35 year renewal on this March!

Whether you’re familiar with 蝉 semi or not, please come and check out these original and cool products… and you can see Shinya with his ISETAN staff badge on.


日時:6/26(水) – 7/2(火) 10:30-20:00
会場:伊勢丹新宿本館2Fリ・スタイルTOKYO (エスカレーターあがって目の前)

Date: June 26th(Wed) to July 2nd(Tue) 10:30-20:00

Venue: ISETAN shinjuku Main Building 2F, Style Tokyo

(Use the escalator to the 2nd floor, and you will find it right in front of you)





Fifteen years ago this month in the backstreets of Akasaka Wieden+Kennedy opened a Tokyo office, and in order to celebrate this truth we headed off the mountains on Friday for a family vacation. We partied like you expect a fifteen year old to party – naked, tattooed, drunk, and surrounded by fire.

その記念すべき日をみんなで派手に祝うべく、金曜日にFamily Vacationへ出発。

Creative Technologist Yuki set up a site to capture all the office Instagrams during the day, and there was a special guest message from the Godfather of the office explaining why he could not attend.


Photos: http://wktokyo.jp/photowall/#wktokyo15

また、Tokyoオフィスのゴットファーザー、John Jayからはこんなメッセージをもらいました。

Here’s to our next 15 years.