W+K Tokyo

OFFICE ART ~Taku Obata~

Japanese artist slash B-Boy Taku Obata dropped by the office yesterday. And today we are lucky to have his wooden sculptures and prints displayed in the W+K Tokyo office. We are totally in love with these small but powerful dancers and they’re sure to give lots of energy to our office.

B-BOYであり、日本を代表するアーティストTaku Obataさんが昨日W+Kへ遊びに来てくれました。
W+K Tokyoのオフィスで素晴らしい作品の展示を始めました。

We presented Taku with a W+K Tokyo “Good Shit” T-shirt to say thanks for all of his GOOD SHIT.
そんなGOOD SHITな作品を作るTakuさんに感謝を込めて、W+K Tokyo特製”Good Shit”Tシャツをプレゼント。貴重な作品の展示、本当にありがとうございます。

Please check our older blog post featuring more of Taku’s great work.