W+K Tokyo

Sony Vaio new global campaign

Our new global campaign for Sony VAIO launched this month.

We created print, TV and video pieces centering around the idea of inspiring people to ‘do something great with computers.’ The world of computer advertising is filled with specs, but we wanted to focus on the human aspect of computing. We wanted to inspire makers, doodlers, tinkerers and inventors to go use a computer and bring their vision to life.

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyoが制作した、Sony VAIOの新しいグローバルキャンペーンが先月、ついにローンチしました。




The TV spot for the Sony VAIO DUO ‘This is a pen’ is all about people using Sony’s new pen to write, draw and doodle by hand. It’s a pretty magical and VERY accurate digital stylus.

Sony VAIO DUOのCM “This is a pen” では、まさに魔法のようで、とにかく正確なデジタルスタイラスペンを使って、書いたり、描いたり、いたずら書きをする人たちを大胆に描いています。

The print work portrays portraits of creators standing next to what they created using their VAIO computers. You can take a look at some of the work here, and then go out and find your own something great to do with a computer.