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Special Exhibition THE SEKAI-ICHI – Unique Inspirations “Made in Japan” at Miraikan

現在、お台場の日本科学未来館で開催されている「THE世界一展」、展示も残すところ約1ヶ月。今日はW+K Tokyoが企画・制作を行ったインスタレーション”世界一のフィナーレ “(英名:We Applaud)についてご紹介します。

The exhibition “THE SEKAI-ICHI” currently held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Odaiba is open for just one more month. W+K Tokyo created an installation for the exhibition called “We Applaud” which you can still go and experience if you’re in Tokyo.

「THE世界一展」は伊勢神宮の式年遷宮などの伝統技術から最先端の宇宙開発技術まで日本が誇る世界一の技術・製品を集めています。W+K Tokyoは展示の出口に置かれる、ユーザー参加型のインタラクティブインスタレーションの企画、制作を行いました。この展覧会に展示されているものは全て、長い年月をかけて研究、開発されてきた技術。W+K Tokyoは、「THE世界一展」のフィナーレにあたる出口に、展示会場に一堂に会した世界一の技術・製品を称えるインスタレーションを企画制作しました。

The exhibition introduces the world greatest Japanese craftsmanship & technology such as the traditional carpentry used in the construction of shrines, and cutting-edge space technology. W+K Tokyo created the interactive installation displayed at the exhibition’s exit area. Every item on display at the exhibition is part of Japan’s monozukuri (craftsmanship) history, and was realized through years of hard work and R&D. Our installation that celebrates these world’s-greatest’s as the exhibition finale.


In “We Applaud”, when people applaud the world’s-greatest’s that they’ve seen at the exhibition, their image clapping will be displayed on the big screen in front of them. The more people clap, the bigger the standing ovation becomes. At last year’s exhibition at the Grand Front building in Osaka, a total of 30,000 people participated in the installation over six months.The exhibition at Miraikan is open until May 6th, so please go check out Japan’s world’s-greatest’s, and give them a warm round of applause.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
“Special Exhibition THE SEKAI-ICHI – Unique Inspirations “Made in Japan””
(Address: 2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku. Tokyo)

システム制作:GK TECH
System production: GK TECH