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NIKE Football presents:

サッカーワールドカップが始まり、Nike Footballのグローバルブランドメッセージである「RISK EVERYTHING」のもと、日本では Nagatomo Approves というソーシャルキャンペーンをスタートしました。

Soccer World Cup has started. Under the global brand message of Nike Football “RISK EVERYTHING”, the social campaign Nagatomo Approves launched in Japan.

Nike Football JPのtwitterアカウント(@NikeFootball_JP)に投稿されたプレーから、長友選手がリスクを恐れぬ勇敢なプレーに、「合格」をだして認定するというもの。キックオフムービーとなる、Zlatan Approves of Nagatomo Approves では、その概要をズラタン・イブラヒモビッチ選手のパペットが「長友合格」を説明しています。

In this campaign, Nagatomo approves a fearless and risk-taking play, which was submitted to Nike Football JP twitter account (@NikeFootball_JP). In the kick-off movie “Zlatan Approves of Nagatomo Approves”, the puppet Zlatan Ibrahimović explains how Nagatomo Approves works.


先日公開された「The Last Game」も引き続きお楽しみください。
We hope you’ll also enjoy “The Last Game” launched in the beginning of this month.


NEW FACES – part 2

…continued from part 1

Yukino Yamada/山田由希乃, Assistant Account Executive

ロンドンとカナダ・トロントにバレエ留学し、バレエ一筋15年間の幼少期を過ごす。大学では現代美術史を専攻し、2012年大学在学中にインターンとして W+K Tokyoのアカウントサービスのチームをサポートし、2014年4月に新卒社員としてW+K Tokyo入社。週末は海の近くで牛やヤギに囲まれて過ごすのが好き。

Studied classical ballet in London and Toronto, Canada, spending 15 years of childhood devoted to ballet. Yukino received a BA in modern art history. In 2012 while she was still a college student, she interned at W+K Tokyo for the account service team. She then joined W+K Tokyo in 2014, after graduating from the college. She loves spending weekends with cows and goats nearby the ocean.

Kenichiro Shigetomi/重冨健一郎, Art Director

千葉県生まれ。大学でグラフィックデザインを学びました。前職の I&S BBDOで、Design NORI®、JAPAN PILL-HARMONIC 商品開発などもしてました。ナショナルジオグラフィックのテレビ番組にハマって、地層とか宇宙とか壮大なものに憧れています。剣道をやっていました。

Born in Chiba. Shige studied graphic design at college. Before he joined W+K Tokyo this June, he was at I&S BBDO, working on product development for Design NORI® and JAPAN PILL-HARMONIC. Since he fell in love with National Geographic TV programs, he became more passionate about something massive like geological layers and the universe itself. He used to practice kendo.

Charlie Gschwend /チャーリー・グシュウェン, Copywriter
Charlie was born in the flatlands of Illinois where the only thing taller than the corn is a highway overpass. Charlie came to W+K Tokyo from W+K Portland where he has worked for more than 7 years. If you ask him nicely, he will introduce you to the small mouse that sleeps in his beard.


Matt Moore /マット・ムーア, Art Director

Matt came to Tokyo from the Portland office, where he has worked since 2009. Before that he was in portfolio school at The Creative Circus, where a strange twist of fate led him to present a project to Dan Wieden, who (thank goodness) liked it, and Matt nearly peed his pants. Matt has 3 older sisters, so he was dressed up a lot as a child, but is a better person for it now. Matt is from Ohio and loves the Japanese greeting“Ohayo!”.

2009年にW+Kポートランドに参加し、この6月より6ヶ月間トウキョウ・オフィスに滞在。The Creative Circusという専門学生時代に、Dan Wiedenに作品を見せたことが現在につながるきっかけとなった。姉3人に囲まれ、度々ドレスアップをしていたが、今は少し落ち着いたとのこと。オハイオ州出身のマットは日本語の「オハヨウ」をこよなく愛する。

Yuri Yoshimura / 吉村友里, PA

Yuri was born in Kyoto, spent her childhood in Harrow in England and Yokohama. Before joining W+K Tokyo, she was working as a project manager in a research agency. Yuri likes to travel.

京都で生まれ、イギリスのハローと横浜で子供時代を過ごす。W+K Tokyo入社前は、ミステリーショッピングの会社でプロジェクトマネージャーとして経験を積んでいた。旅行好き。

小林麻里奈 / Marina Kobayashi, Intern


Marina spent her childhood primarily in Tokyo, Utah, and London, then went to college in New York and London to study Economics and Economic History. She loves photography-especially film, and spends her free time actively traveling with her camera. She is also a runner, and ran the 400m in her school track and field team.

NEW FACES – part 1

Introducing new faces landed at W+K Tokyo over the past several months.
ここ数ヶ月にW+K Tokyoに新しいメンバーが増えました。

Javi Lavandeira/ハビエル・ラバンデイラ, IT Manager

スペイン・バルセロナ生まれ。2002年より東京在住。アビエルタ・デ・カタルーニャ大学でコンピューター・サイエンスを学ぶ。日本製のコンピューターを使っていたことをきっかけに、独学で日本語を学んだ。Standard & Poor’s、Appleを経て、W+K Tokyoに参加。動物をこよなく愛し、フェレットを2匹 (KuroとYuki) を飼っています。

Born in Barcelona, Spain. Living in Tokyo since 2002.Javi studied Technical Engineering in Computer Systems at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He started learning Japanese by himself, because at the time he was using Japanese home computers. Before W+K Tokyo, he worked for Standard & Poor’s and later for Apple. He loves animals and has two ferrets: Kuro and Yuki.

Maiko Nishikawa/西川末依子, Public Relations

2001年渡米。University of Washington (シアトル)で美術史の学士を取得し、その後Rhode Island School of Designで美術教育の修士を取得。2010年に帰国後、芸術文化財団やWeb会社で国内外のプロジェクトに携わり、フリーランスでアートやファッション関係の翻訳・通訳も行う。その後、アタッシュ・ド・プレスでPRと所属メイクアップアーティストのマネージャーをつとめる。今春よりW+K TokyoのPR。

Maiko moved to the U.S. in 2001. She received a BA in Art History at University of Washington, Seattle, then an MA in Art Education at Rhode Island School of Design. After returning to Japan in 2010, she has worked at an art/cultural organization and in web production, and also as a freelance translator and interpreter in art and fashion. Later, she worked as a PR specialist and manager for the make-up artists at an attaché de press.

Toshiko Iida/飯田淑子, Translator + Interpreter

東京生まれ東京育ち。高校生のときにミシガンで1年のホームスティをし、大学も就職もミシガン。自動車会社の通訳など5年ほど経験し帰国後は、関東のテーマパーク建設プロジェクトで6年、シンガポールに渡ってまたテーマパーク建設で2年を過ごした後フリーランス通訳に。今春よりW+K Tokyoのメンバーに。好物は牡蠣とチョコミントアイス。全くの下戸。

Born and raised in Tokyo.  Spent a year in Michigan as a high-school exchange student, graduated from a university in Michigan, and got her first job there as an interpreter. Toshiko worked for a Japanese automaker in U.S. for 5 years, then for a major theme park project in Tokyo for 6 years, another theme park in Singapore for 2 years then became a freelancer. She joined W+K Tokyo this spring, she loves oysters and chocolate mint ice cream, and has zero alcohol tolerance.

Maria Correa/マリア・コーリア, Strategic Planner

ブラジル生まれ。幼少期より、一つの土地で4年以上過ごしたことがないマリア。2011年にW+Kポートランド に参加。コカ・コーラのプランナーとして3年間過ごしたのち、故郷から最も遠い地 – 東京–に来ることに。カラオケへの誘いは断らない。

Maria is originally from Brazil, but has never spent more than 4 years in any city around the world. She joined the W+K family in 2011, working as a planner on Coca-Cola out of the Portland office. After spending 3 years there, she moved to the furthest office from home: Tokyo. She’s always down for karaoke.

Doh Kim/ドー・キム, Intern

韓国生まれの日本育ち。ロンドンのアートスクールに在籍し、主にファッション業界で経験を積む。今春からW+K Tokyoにインターンとして参加。クリエイティブな業界の動きに直に触れることが出来て楽しいとのこと。食べ歩きが大好きで、週末は経堂で食って飲んでの繰り返し。

Born in South Korea and raised in Japan. In London where he is enrolled in an art school, Doh has worked mainly in the fashion industry. He came to W+K Tokyo this spring, and says that he is very happy to be able to see how the creative industry works. Being a big food lover, on the weekends, you can find him in West Tokyo, eating and drinking all day long.

Reiko Kawaguchi/川口玲子, Digital Strategist

静岡生まれ関東育ち。システムエンジニアののち広告業界に入る。2014年4月からW+K Tokyoに参加。服が好き。片付けは苦手。アーチェリーが得意です。マラソン完走2回。今年は当てたい東京マラソン!

Born in Shizuoka, raised in Tokyo area. Reiko worked as a system engineer before started working in the advertising industry. She joined W+K Tokyo in April 2014.She loves clothing, but she is no good at cleaning them up. Reiko is an archer, also a runner. As she completed a full marathon twice, she hopes to enter in Tokyo Marathon this year.

Have a good delivery, Kumiko!

June 6, last Friday

この日は、Kumiko McMorrinが産休に入る前の最終日でした。2008年よりマネージング・チームのPAとして、また皆のSista的存在として会社を照らしてきたKumiko、大きなお腹を抱えて毎日お世話になりました。
It was the last day for Kumiko McMorrin before she heads off on maternity leave. As PA for the management team since 2008 and as the agency’s adoptive sista, she has always been the light of the agency. Kumiko, thank you for supporting us everyday with your big baby-belly.

Kumiko claims to have been Jamaican in another life, so we gave her a big rasta poster.


Family photo with Sista.

Good luck Kumiko, and see you soon.