W+K Tokyo

NEW FACES – part 2

…continued from part 1

Yukino Yamada/山田由希乃, Assistant Account Executive

ロンドンとカナダ・トロントにバレエ留学し、バレエ一筋15年間の幼少期を過ごす。大学では現代美術史を専攻し、2012年大学在学中にインターンとして W+K Tokyoのアカウントサービスのチームをサポートし、2014年4月に新卒社員としてW+K Tokyo入社。週末は海の近くで牛やヤギに囲まれて過ごすのが好き。

Studied classical ballet in London and Toronto, Canada, spending 15 years of childhood devoted to ballet. Yukino received a BA in modern art history. In 2012 while she was still a college student, she interned at W+K Tokyo for the account service team. She then joined W+K Tokyo in 2014, after graduating from the college. She loves spending weekends with cows and goats nearby the ocean.

Kenichiro Shigetomi/重冨健一郎, Art Director

千葉県生まれ。大学でグラフィックデザインを学びました。前職の I&S BBDOで、Design NORI®、JAPAN PILL-HARMONIC 商品開発などもしてました。ナショナルジオグラフィックのテレビ番組にハマって、地層とか宇宙とか壮大なものに憧れています。剣道をやっていました。

Born in Chiba. Shige studied graphic design at college. Before he joined W+K Tokyo this June, he was at I&S BBDO, working on product development for Design NORI® and JAPAN PILL-HARMONIC. Since he fell in love with National Geographic TV programs, he became more passionate about something massive like geological layers and the universe itself. He used to practice kendo.

Charlie Gschwend /チャーリー・グシュウェン, Copywriter
Charlie was born in the flatlands of Illinois where the only thing taller than the corn is a highway overpass. Charlie came to W+K Tokyo from W+K Portland where he has worked for more than 7 years. If you ask him nicely, he will introduce you to the small mouse that sleeps in his beard.


Matt Moore /マット・ムーア, Art Director

Matt came to Tokyo from the Portland office, where he has worked since 2009. Before that he was in portfolio school at The Creative Circus, where a strange twist of fate led him to present a project to Dan Wieden, who (thank goodness) liked it, and Matt nearly peed his pants. Matt has 3 older sisters, so he was dressed up a lot as a child, but is a better person for it now. Matt is from Ohio and loves the Japanese greeting“Ohayo!”.

2009年にW+Kポートランドに参加し、この6月より6ヶ月間トウキョウ・オフィスに滞在。The Creative Circusという専門学生時代に、Dan Wiedenに作品を見せたことが現在につながるきっかけとなった。姉3人に囲まれ、度々ドレスアップをしていたが、今は少し落ち着いたとのこと。オハイオ州出身のマットは日本語の「オハヨウ」をこよなく愛する。

Yuri Yoshimura / 吉村友里, PA

Yuri was born in Kyoto, spent her childhood in Harrow in England and Yokohama. Before joining W+K Tokyo, she was working as a project manager in a research agency. Yuri likes to travel.

京都で生まれ、イギリスのハローと横浜で子供時代を過ごす。W+K Tokyo入社前は、ミステリーショッピングの会社でプロジェクトマネージャーとして経験を積んでいた。旅行好き。

小林麻里奈 / Marina Kobayashi, Intern


Marina spent her childhood primarily in Tokyo, Utah, and London, then went to college in New York and London to study Economics and Economic History. She loves photography-especially film, and spends her free time actively traveling with her camera. She is also a runner, and ran the 400m in her school track and field team.