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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

眉間にしわが寄りがちな季節ですが、こんなときはアイスクリームを食べてクールダウンしましょう。今日はW+K東京が手がけているBen & Jerry’s Facebook ページより、毎日が楽しくなるアイスクリーム達をご紹介します。

The summer break has started, and Japan’s real heat is finally here.
During this season we tend to knit our brows, so its nice to cool down once in a while with an ice cream. Today, we’d like to introduce some of the ice cream that makes our everyday work fun at W+K Tokyo with the Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page we’ve been working on.

Ice cream on the beach on Marine Day

On next year’s Father’s Day, eat an ice cream with Dad

Thank you on Mother’s Day

Before the departure