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We Applaud – Thank you!

伊勢神宮の式年遷宮の伝統技術から、最先端の宇宙開発技術まで日本が誇る世界一の技術・製品を集めた展覧会です。ここで、W+K Tokyoはユーザー参加型のインタラクティブインスタレーション“世界一のフィナーレ” (We Applaud)の企画、制作を行いました。

Earlier this year an exhibition called “THE SEKAI-ICHI” was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo, with exhibits that represent the world greatest Japanese craftsmanship & technology ranging from the traditional carpentry used in the construction of the Ise Shrine, to cutting-edge space exploration technology. W+K Tokyo was invited to create something for the exhibition, and we ended up building an installation called “We Applaud”.


The installation was displayed at the exhibition’s exit area. When people applauded the exhibits they saw at the exhibition, their images were saved on a large screen in front of them. After activating the installation, the camera and directional-mic recorded people and the images were processed and backgrounds removed. The moving images were then aggregated on-site.


As more people participated, the screen filled up with people applauding.
Interestingly people found many ways to applaud. Over time, as people saw the preceding participants they found new ways to express their creativity through applause.

このインスタレーションに参加してくれた6万人の中には、会場となったグランフロント大阪と科学未来館を訪れた著名人も多く含まれています。アーティストのDamon Albarnも” target=”_blank”>PV撮影のために東京に訪れた際に参加してくれたようです。

A total of 60,000 people participated in the installation which also traveled to the Grand Front building in Osaka. And we learned that even some celebrities took part, including Damon Albarn who included a scene in his ” target=”_blank”>music video shot at the installation.


Applause is one of the gestures that transcend borders and languages. We hope to collect many applause for the world’s creativity at exhibitions around the world.