W+K Tokyo

2014 Bonenkai

先週金曜日、2014年 W+K Tokyo 忘年会がありました。

Last Friday, we had W+K Tokyo Bonenkai (year-end party).
We all dressed up formally, and after champaign toast to open the night, we headed to this place.

Serious management shot. マネージメント・チーム写真

With TYPE’s new model “Futura”. 新作 TYPEモデル「Futura」で。

This year, we went a dancehall called “Toho Dancehall” in Hibiya.
While a live band plays Oldies, it was the first ballroom debut for most of us.
We had dancing lessons from the instructors and regular customers, and spent fantastic time there.
Please check out 2014 Bonenkai Photowall.

2014 Bonenkai Photowallを見てね。

At the after party, there was a surprise award ceremony where all of us were awarded with “Best…” award.
Thank you the management team for the Best Pocket Tissue ever!


Big Otsukare-sama to everyone! みんな、お疲れさま!ありがとう!

Happy holidays!