W+K Tokyo

Feats of Blake

Last week, we had “Feats of Blake”, a farewell party for Blake who is leaving the Tokyo office and joining the Amsterdam office as the new managing director.
東京オフィスを去り、W+Kアムステルダムオフィスの新マネージング・ディレクターに就任することが決まったブレイク。先週、全社員挙げてのブレイクお別れパーティー “Feats Of Blake”がありました。

We invited Blake’s family to join the live music session and played the songs Blake composed with his son Beckett.

We made a custom Judo uniform for Blake, who first came to Japan to practice Judo from England. Ninja Tota vs. Blake

Blake’s linguistic talent is amazing. After 4 shots, he still proved his fluent French, Korean, Japanese and American English with tongue twisters.

At the end of the party, we presented a custom piste bike.

It says,「出る杭は打てない」(The nail that sticks up won’t get hammered down.)

We danced a lot. 沢山踊って、

We ate a lot of Keema Curry. (Thanks to Red Book Curry)
沢山キーマカレーを食べました(Red Book Curryさん、ありがとうございました!)

Thank you Blake for all your supports you gave us past 4 years.

Good luck in Amsterdam!