W+K Tokyo

Embrace Your Both Sides

For the May issue of JELLY and NYLON JAPAN, we partnered up with the magazines as a part of NIKE WOMEN’s campaign “Re:RUN” to encourage women to embrace both their feminine and athletic sides.

ナイキ「Re:RUN」キャンペーンの一環として、雑誌『JELLY』5月号と『NYLON JAPAN』5月号と制作しました。表紙と裏表紙を通じて、好きな服を着る私と自由にカラダを動かす私の姿を表現し、スポーツをする楽しさを伝えています。


JELLY 2015 May issue

All Agency 2015

We held a ceremony to celebrate John’s arrival as our new Managing Director, and W+K sash was being passed on from a former MD Blake to John.

We also invited a Shishimai, a guardian lion that brings a good luck through dancing.

And, an all-agency photo.

Happy Golden Week.