W+K Tokyo

New Faces

Introducing new faces landed at W+K Tokyo over the past several months!
この数ヶ月にW+K Tokyoに参加した新メンバーをご紹介します!

Eriko Wakabayashi|若林 恵梨子 Designer 

東京都生まれ。武蔵野美術大学卒業後、広告制作会社にてグラフィックデザイナーのキャリアをスタートし、その後フリーランスとしてデザインやイラスト、空間演出などの仕事に携わる。そして、W+K Tokyoに参加。「wai_」という一点ものの靴下ブランドもやっている。お家では去年からウチに来た三毛猫の「みかん」に夢中。ももいろクローバーZが大好き。

Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Musashino Art University, she joined an advertising company as a graphic designer, then became freelance. Her works include graphic design, illustration to interior design. She runs her own brand of unisex socks“wai_”. Loves her cat “Mikan” who became her family member last year. Also, loves Momoiro Crover Z.

Kaori Kimura|木村 香織  HR/Admin/Finance Assistant


Born in the middle of wilderness Tokachi in Hokkaido.
Before joining W+K Tokyo, Kaori worked for a general affair and financial department in an apparel industry and a business consulting firm. Kaori studied music as a student in Hokkaido. She is also a singer and gives a live-performance around Tokyo. Enjoys traveling alone and climbing a mountain.

Kazuko Yokota|横田 和子 Accountant


Born in Niigata. Kazuko worked at HR and finance in IT industry.
She loves traveling since she was a college student, and has traveled around South East Asia, Middle East and islands in Mediterranean ocean. Later, her interests in Japanese culture grew more, especially in Kabuki and Bunraku. She then started learning Kanryutei-style writing (used in Kabuki) and Kimono-dressing. Enjoys taking cooking lessons when she travels.

Makoto Takagi|高木 真琴 Accountant

高校在学時にノルウェーに留学、2000年に大阪のプール学院大学を卒業し、上京。アルバイト含め10種以上の職種を経験したのち、経理の勉強し、人生最後の転職と決意しW+K Tokyoに参加。趣味は、楽しい仲間と歌うこと、息ができなくなるまで笑うこと、一人でツーリングに出かけること。人生を通して、出会う人に恵まれていることが最大の自慢。

Lived in Norway for a year as a high school exchange student, and moved to Tokyo after graduating from Poole Gakuin Univ. in Osaka in 2000.
Having worked at more than 10 types of jobs, Makoto decide to study accounting, then later joined W+K Tokyo. Loves to sing with her friends, to laugh, and to go on a motorcycle ride by herself.

Saemi Matsumoto|松本 冴美 Finance Manager

帰国後は経理へ転身し、W+K Tokyoに参加。数年前に始めたハイキングが楽しみで、いつかは家族で本格的な山登りに挑戦するのが夢。

Born in Hiroshima. Saemi graduated a university in Atlanta and worked on tax accounting at an accounting firm in US. When she returned Japan, she changed her specialty to general accounting, then joined W+K Tokyo. Enjoys hiking on mountain trails and wants to try a serious mountain climbing with her family in future.