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TYPE New Fonts

we are excited to announce the new models Eurostile, Friz Quadrata, Optima and Serif Gothic joining the TYPE lineup.

眼鏡ブランド「TYPE」から 新しく4モデル Eurostile、Friz Quadrata、Optima、Serif Gothic が発売しました。

Choose your glasses like selecting a typeface – the eyewear brand TYPE launched in January 2014 with this fresh new way of looking at eyewear. As the choice of typeface affects expression in written communication, subtle design differences in eyeglasses frames change the impression of the person who wears them. Our glasses brand, TYPE, was inspired by the similarities between the function and design of typefaces and glasses. Each pair is handcrafted in Sabae city, known as the home of Japanese eyewear craftsmanship.



Following the earlier models Helvetica®, Garamond, Din and Futura, all four models are also now available in a choice of black, tortoise or clear; as glasses or sunglasses. You can also order prescription glasses at the websites and store.

「Helvetica®」「Garamond」「Din」「Futura」と同様に、新モデルもフレームの色は Black/Tortoise(べっこう)/Clear、眼鏡とサングラスから選ぶことができます。また、度付レンズへの変更も承っています。


Eurostile was created in Italy. We reflected the typeface’s curved square shape and created glasses that give a warm and friendly impression. Friz Quadrata is used widely in universities and government entities. Its sharp and edgy design is recommended for those who like to have strong dramatic eyes. It is said that the typeface Optima was created in the 1950’s, inspired by the epigraph at the Basilica di Santa Croce in Italy. We examined its modern yet classic features to create the sophisticated round shape glasses. Serif Gothic combines both round and straight-line sharpness. Serif Gothic frames are recommended for those who are looking for a simple, yet unique, style.

「Eurostile」は、イタリアで誕生した書体で、丸みのあるスクエアで構成された、愛嬌のあるデザインが特徴です。鋭角的でエッジが効いた「Friz Quadrata」は大学や政府機関で広く使われている書体であり、主張のある印象的な目元を作りたい方におすすめです。「Optima」は50年代にイタリアのサンタ・クローチェ聖堂の碑文にインスパイアされて制作されたと言われています。現代的かつクラシックさも併せ持つ洗練された丸みのあるデザインが特徴です。丸みと直線的なシャープさの両方が印象的な「Serif Gothic」は 、シンプルかつ個性的なアイテムをお探しの方におすすめです。

In early September, there will be a TYPE popup store at 1LDK AOYAMA HOTEL. Stay tuned.
また、9月初旬には1LDK AOYAMA HOTELでポップアップを予定してます。乞うご期待。