W+K Tokyo

New Face

Introducing our new member, Kosuke!

Kosuke Sasaki
Kosuke Sasaki | 佐々木洸介 Assistant Broadcast Producer

鹿児島生まれ鹿児島育ち。青山学院大学で短編映画の製作に打ち込み、卒業後はロサンゼルスで映画製作を学ぶ。その後助監督、エディターとしてキャリアをスタートし、多くの映画、CM製作に携わる。オールで飲み食いし、築地の寿司屋で朝を迎えることに幸せを感じる。W+K ゴルフ部を立ち上げ予定。

Born and raised in Kagoshima. Started film making in Aoyama Gakuin University. After graduating the university, he went to Los Angeles for film studying. Joined many film and commercial production as an assistant director and editor.
Feel incredibly happy to drink and eat all night and have a breakfast in sushi restaurant in Tsukiji fish market. Kosuke is planning to launch W+K Golf team.