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New Face | Naga+Minori

Introducing W+K Tokyo’s new face!

Nagaomi Kawaharada
河原田 長臣 Nagaomi Chozaemon Kawaharada | Social Strategist

滋賀県大津市生まれ、それがゆえ琵琶湖ラバー。大学では海洋工学を専攻。テクノロジーメディアGizmodo Japanでエディターとしてキャリアをスタート。そこからクリエイティブエージェンシーAKQAでNike Japanを担当したのち、W+K Tokyoに参加。写真好きが高じて、フォトグラフィープロジェクト「Japan Photography(Tumblr/Instagram)」を立ち上げる。好きなキーワードは、おでん/Massive Attack/Leica/テクノロジー/ガジェット。

Naga was born in Otsu city, Shiga prefecture, which makes him a Lake Biwa lover. After studying marine technology at college, he worked as an editor for the technology media section of Gizmodo Japan. Prior to joining W+K Tokyo, he was working on the Nike Japan account at the creative agency AKQA. He has a strong love for photography and he runs his own photography project called Japan Photography (Tumblr/Instagram). He likes Oden, Massive Attack, Leica, Technology and gadgets.

Minori Kuwabara
桑原 季 Minori Kuwabara | Creative Intern

東京生まれ。武蔵野美術大学で映像、グラフィックデザインを学び、卒業制作の失敗を機にスウェーデンへの留学を決意。スウェーデンでは学校の哲学である”Leaning from doing”、”Team is everything”という考えのもとデジタルテクノロジーやチームディベロップメントについて学んでいる。趣味は、350mlのビールで酔えるという燃費の良さながら、人と飲みに行くこと。minorikuwabara.com

Born in Tokyo. Minori studied filming and graphic design at Musashino Art University. He decided to go to a school in Sweden after the bitter experience of the college graduation work. He’s been studying digital technology and team development, the programs based on the school’s philosophy “Leaning from doing” and “Team is every thing”. Minori likes drinking, but a 350ml can of beer can get him drunk. minorikuwabara.com