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W+K Sakura Lanterns

We are celebrating Spring.
Sakura 2016
Nakameguro, where W+K Tokyo is located, is named the best hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot every year. There are about 800 sakura trees by the Nakameguro river, and from the end of March to beginning of April, there is the famous Sakura festival.
W+K Tokyoのオフィスがある中目黒は、都内でも有名な桜スポットです。
Sakura lantern 1
This year too, we are supporting the Sakura Festival organized by the local community of Nakameguro. There are ten W+K Tokyo lanterns along the river near our office. Hope you find it.
W+K東京は、去年に引き続き地域が主催する「さくら祭り」をサポートしています。 会社名が書かれた提灯が、会社近くの川沿いに10個かかっているので、是非見つけてみて下さい。
Sakura lantern 2

Sakura lantern 3

Jordan installation | MUSEUM 23 TOKYO

ジョーダンブランド誕生30周年を記念し、2015年10月16日(金)~18日(日)の3日間、東京都現代美術館で「MUSEUM 23 TOKYO」が開催されました。W+K東京は、日本中のプレイヤーから届けられた写真を使って、インスタレーションを制作しました。

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand, 3-days event “MUSEUM 23 TOKYO” was held from October 16 to 18 in 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. We created the installation with photographs we received from athletes around Japan.

There was once a man who could fly.
And he inspired the rest of us to reach higher.
This installation is made from photos of athletes all over Japan.
They are the next generation of gravity defers.
Tomorrow’s game changers. The future fliers.
They are not Michael, but they are Jordan.

だれもが彼の背中を追い 彼のように飛びたいと願った
このインスタレーションの写真は 日本中のプレイヤーから届けられた
重力を超え 不可能を超え
いつか 未来を飛ぶものたち


New Face | Miho

Introducing our new member!

W+K_Miho Takahashi
高橋 美帆 Miho Takahashi | Account Executive

周りがびっくりするほど食いしん坊で、健康オタク。世界中の美味しくて健康に良い食べ物を常に探している。今年の目標は脳波を使ったプロジェクトを開始するべくWomen who codeのメンバーとしてプログラミングを勉強中。

Miho was born and raised in Hirosaki city, Aomori, known for the castle, cherry blossoms and apple.
She immersed herself in classic music and skiing as a child, and eventually went to a music university.
Her lifetime mission is to make people laugh and smile, and to make the world happier. Started off from music, she worked in several industries as a sales, marketing, PR, and project manager.
Miho eats like a horse, according to her. She is health nut, always looking for healthy food all over the world. She is also preparing to start her brainwave project, and currently learning programming as a member of Women who code.

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