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Introducing our new member!

W+K_Miho Takahashi
高橋 美帆 Miho Takahashi | Account Executive

周りがびっくりするほど食いしん坊で、健康オタク。世界中の美味しくて健康に良い食べ物を常に探している。今年の目標は脳波を使ったプロジェクトを開始するべくWomen who codeのメンバーとしてプログラミングを勉強中。

Miho was born and raised in Hirosaki city, Aomori, known for the castle, cherry blossoms and apple.
She immersed herself in classic music and skiing as a child, and eventually went to a music university.
Her lifetime mission is to make people laugh and smile, and to make the world happier. Started off from music, she worked in several industries as a sales, marketing, PR, and project manager.
Miho eats like a horse, according to her. She is health nut, always looking for healthy food all over the world. She is also preparing to start her brainwave project, and currently learning programming as a member of Women who code.

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