W+K Tokyo


Introducing new faces who joined W+K Tokyo over the past several months.

SHINO IKUTA 生田 紫野 | Receptionist

Shannon was born in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, and spent her childhood years in Pakistan, Thailand, and California. She attended an international school in Tokyo upon returning to Japan. While studying Journalism at a university in California, she worked as a reporter for a local news station. She loves to write, and she grew up listening to 70s American rock due to the influence of her parents. Her dream is to own a husky dog.


KAYOKO KINJO 金城 佳代子 | Account Supervisor

Born in Japan and raised in the States, this is Kay’s second time to join W+K Tokyo. She was one of the starting members of the Tokyo office in 1997 and took a position at W+K Amsterdam in 2004. After leaving W+K in 2007, Kay continued to do marketing for Apple and Google. The mother-of-two returned to W+K Tokyo last year and is now busy juggling a career and motherhood. Her children’s smiles keep her high-spirited. Swimming is her latest interest and her favorite music is hard rock.

日本生まれ、アメリカ育ち。W+K Tokyo入社は2度目。1度目は1997年で、東京オフィスの創立メンバーの一人。2004年にW+K Amsterdam に赴任。2007年に退社後、AppleやGoogleでマーケティングを続ける。2016年からW+K TOKYOに復帰する。現在は2児の母で、仕事と家庭の両立で目がまわる日々を過ごすワーキングマザー。子供達の笑顔が元気の源。最近はまっていることは水泳。好きな音楽はハードロック。

JUSTIN LAM ジャスティン・ラム | Associate Communications Planning Director

Tokyo is the 5th city he has lived in, following Hong Kong, Dallas, Austin and New York City. He loves the culture around rap music, basketball and fashion. Four people he’d like to have dinner with: Cam’ron, Noel Gallagher, Jackie Chan and Hiroshi Fujiwara. His job as Associate Communications Planning Director is to help our creative ideas come to life in the most effective formats for their intended audiences. That means learning about where, when and how they consume information.


KAYA カヤ|Receptionist / Gallery Manager

Kaya is the manager of our new gallery space, W+K+, which we opened last year. The gallery hosts art exhibitions, music events, pop-up stores and other events that you can find on our

    official Facebook page

. One of Kaya’s favourite things to do is wander through Tokyo so rather than take public transport to work, she spends a good hour walking every day.




JAMUNA SCHANO ジャムーナ・シャノー | PA

Jam is our super secretary supporting our three extremely busy management executives. She is half Japanese – half Austrian, named after a Hindu Goddess of a river in India. She loves singing, song-writing and hand-making organic leather items such as wallets and accessories. Formerly a Senior Merchandiser & Buyer for a startup e-commerce store, Jam then got actively involved in a project by the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry to help Japanese craftsmen to sell and promote their amazing handmade products worldwide. Jam is a certified Tarot card reader and Reiki healer. Her trademark fashion is pink, glitter and rainbow.

多忙を極める3人の役員を支えるスーパー秘書。日本とオーストリアのハーフで、ジャムーナという名前の由来はインドの川の女神。好きな事は歌うことと作曲、手縫いでオーガニックレザーの長財布やアクセサリーを作ること。オンラインセレクトショップでバイヤー&シニア・マーチャンダイザーを務めた後、経済産業省のMORE THANプロジェクトを通じヨーロッパを中心として世界に日本の伝統工芸の素晴らしさを広める活動をしていた経験ももつ。タロット占い師と、レイキ・ヒーラーの資格も保有。ピンク、キラキラ&レインボーな着こなしがトレードマーク。

SANAE SATO 佐藤早苗 | PR Specialist

Born and raised in Tokyo. Sanae worked for an airline company, managed a design event prior to joining a publisher. Her first role on the editorial team for a fashion magazine was much like the assistant in “The Devil Wears Prada,” and then moved to editorial tasks for a wedding magazine and interior magazine before becoming a freelance editor and writer. She joined W+K Tokyo in December 2016 as the agency’s PR specialist. She is a terrible singer and karaoke is most definitely not her thing.

東京生まれ東京育ち。航空会社勤務後、デザインイベントの運営に携わり、出版社に入社。ファッション誌編集部で 『プラダを着た悪魔』のアン・ハサウェイ的なポジションから、ウエディング、インテリア誌の編集部を経てフリーランスのエディター、ライターに。2016年12月からPRとしてW+Kに入社。ひどい音痴でカラオケが大の苦手。