W+K Tokyo

Welcome to Our Office – Part 1


We’ve taken you through our New York office, so let us now introduce our Tokyo office situated in Nakameguro. It’s been over 4 years since we moved from our former Roppongi space in 2012. Ben Nagaoka from POINT did a wonderful job addressing all our demanding requests, designing for us a simple space with rough, exposed wooden beams that allow for the unique and diverse collection of art and decors that may otherwise be a chaotic clutter.

Second floor is occupied by our creative team. There are 7 seats on each side of the 11m desk.

“Grandma’s room” is a meeting space sectioned off from the work space.

A wall of 80s idol-themed employee portraits. These were taken at Marubell-Do in Asakusa, a famous photo studio specializing in making pop idol photo-collectable cards.

One of three meeting rooms on third floor. The mural on the wall was done by Hisashi Okawa.


We’ve expanded our office space by adding an annex with a gallery space on the 1st floor right by Nakameguro River last year, and named it W+K+.