W+K Tokyo

Welcome to Our Office – Part 2 (The Annex)


Last year, in addition to our main office, we’ve added an annex called W+K+ at a location right by Namkameguro River only 3 minutes walk from the main office. Interior design was done by Yoshihide Wakamatsu and Genki Ishikawa from SLOPE.

Nakameguro River is famous for cherry blossoms and we get to see this view right out our meeting room windows!

1階にはギャラリースペースW+K+ Gallery(ダブリュー・ケー・ギャラリー)もオープンしました。不定期にエキシビションやイベントを開催しています。スケジュールはFacebookでお知らせしていきますので、ぜひお立ち寄りください。以下これまでに行われたイベントの一部をご紹介します。

We’ve opened a gallery space called W+K+ Gallery. We plan and hold events and exhibitions on an irregular base. We’ll be posting our gallery schedules on our Facebook, so please come see us! The following are some of the events we’ve had so far.

Weekend Flea Market by creators.

Sound Art Exhibition by Ray Kunimoto – musician/sound artist.
He performed live with Shohei Fujimoto (teamLab) at the opening reception.

“Substitute” Exhibition by Masato Samata (Delaware) and Masataka Aoki. Suits, hats, shoes and other fashion items made with canvas and plastic sheets were exhibited and sold, and live music performance and a talk show were offered.

目黒川のお花見シーズンには、究極のセルフィーの撮影がかなうエクストリーム自撮り棒を作成。扇風機自撮り棒、ディスコ自撮り棒、ミラー自撮り棒、 4.5mスーパーロング自撮り棒を無料で貸し出していました。
We created and offered “extreme selfie sticks” for extraordinary selfies during Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival. The Windswept Selfie Stick, the Disco Selfie Stick, the Mirrored Selfie Stick, and the 4.5m Super Long Selfie Stick were offered for free!