W+K Tokyo

NEW FACE | Mai+Naoko+Jason

Introducing the new faces at W+K Tokyo.
W+K Tokyoに参加した新メンバーをご紹介します。

Mai Ebine 海老根 舞 | Assistant Account Executive

Mai was born in Osaka, but spent her childhood years in California. She attended middle school in Japan, moved onto high school in Germany, then to college in Scotland. Upon graduation she found herself in Tokyo and started her career at J. Walter Thompson Japan. She’s a bit of a scatterbrain and finds herself interested in too many different things at once, but generally loves anything outdoorsy, and chooses her ghetto bike (with a missing grip) over public transport anytime.

大阪で生まれ、小学校時代をカリフォルニアで過ごす。日本の中学、ドイツの高校、そしてスコットランドの大学を卒業後、J. Walter Thompson Japanにてキャリアをスタート。アウトドアアクテビティなら基本なんでも大好き。原則チャリ移動。

Naoko Okada 岡田 直子 | Account Executive

Naoko was born and raised in Tokyo, but also studied abroad in Tennessee and Seoul. Her background in Anthropology led her to pursue her career in marketing research and then advertisement. She is passionate about CrossFit and lifting heavy barbels – anything that doesn’t really require cardio movements. Cross-stitching and going to escape rooms are some of other favorite things to do as well.


Jason Scott ジェイソン・スコット | Copywriter

Jason has been really busy so he asked his mum to write his ‘about me’ section for the website. He thought she’d write about what he studied and stuff but she went quite mummsy with it. This is what she wrote…

“Jason is exhausting, full of tireless energy and ideas, he never slows down or relaxes. He posesses a sense of humour that only he can understand and enjoys setting people up and finds constantly embarrassing everyone to be highly entertaining. He has an excellent work ethic and always makes the most of every opportunity to do something different and achieve whatever he wants. He believes in himself and his own abilities and is super confident. He thrives on adrenalin and pressure and does everything at a hundred miles an hour but does see things through. He is not a quitter. He loves everything that is quirky and different. He is also occasionally thoughtful, always caring and always positive. A glass half full kind of guy who makes the most of everything life throws at him and still wants more. He is sensitive and loving and has lovely blue eyes! I love him loads as he is my son!”

– Jason’s Mum