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Coca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKU

原宿ファッションの中心的存在、ラフォーレ原宿で10月30日から11月19日まで開催されるCoca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKUのキャンペーンビジュアルを手がけました。

ラフォーレ原宿内の約20のショップがコカ・コーラとコラボレーション。ロゴを配したウェアやアクセサリーなど限定アイテムが発売される3週間。ウェブサイトや館内で使用される今回のキービジュアルは、コカ・コーラのBold Simplicity (大胆なシンプルさ)、The Power Of Red (赤の力)、Familiar Yet Surprising (懐かしいけれど新鮮)というマニュフェストとともに、ブランドや流行に捉われず自分の着たい服を自由に楽しむ今の原宿の若者たちを体現しています。


We have produced the campaign visuals for “Coca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKU” held from October 30th to November 19th at Laforet Harajuku in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion neighborhood.

20 shops in Laforet Harajuku have collaborated with the world’s largest beverage brand. Limited items such as wears and accessories with the brand logo will be out for sale for 3 weeks. Together with the manifesto of the Coca-Cola brand — Bold Simplicity, The Power of Red, and Familiar Yet Surprising — the key visual displayed on the website and in the building embodies the youth in today’s Harajuku who enjoy wearing the clothes they like as they like without being influenced by brand names and trends.

Among various unique fashion styles that fill the streets of Harajuku, we especially focused on the street culture of “Ura-hara.” Key visual reflects the candid and unaffected attitude of the model, and the youth fashion of today that’s simple yet bold.