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We invited 3 young artists to have their exhibitions from September to October. Each of them had a week to show their works individually, and at the closing party, they showed one piece each from their solo exhibitions.

TUNING GUM by Okawahara Nobuto


CROSSPOINT by Ray Washio


We held a talk show with the three artists at the closing party with Tota Hasegawa and Kisshomaru Shimamura from W+K as guest speakers. To create a relaxing atmosphere, the artists let people freely play table tennis or try out the exercise machines used as a part of Ray Washio’s art piece as the talk was going on. The three artists are currently attending Musashino Art University as seniors. We should keep our eyes on them for their future works after their graduation.

10月の後半にはW+K+では初めてとなる海外アーティスト、Ian Andersonの個展がありました。Ianはフィリピンとロサンゼルスで育ちで、現在は日本を拠点に活動しています。とても細い線で迷路や小さな模様、キャラクターなどを描く「マイクロアート」画風が代表作。

In late October, we invited the first artist from outside Japan to W+K+. Ian Anderson, born in the Philippines and raised in L.A. is currently residing and working mainly in Japan. His method of using very fine lines to create maze or intricate patterns is applied to draw characters and other figures.

11月の始めには五明淳さん主催の雪板ワークショップを行いました。雪板とはビンディングのないスノーボードのことで、板に足を固定せずに雪の上を自由に滑ることができます。ゲストでYOU THE ROCK★さんが音楽を流しながらシルクスクリーンワークショップをしたりと、大盛り上がりのイベントとなりました。

In early November, we had a Yukiita Workshop lead by Gomyo Atsushi. Yukiita is a type of snowboard without binding. With these boards, you can freely skate around on the snow without your feet bound to the boards. We also had an another guest artist called YOU THE ROCK★ give us a silk screen workshop while playing music.


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