W+K Tokyo

The Kennedy’s Inaugural Class


The Kennedy’s, a “Next Generation Creative Accelerator Program” that started in W+K Amsterdam and adopted by W+K London, San Paolo, and Shanghai, finally launched in Tokyo last year. Five unique applicants were selected as members of the inaugural class from a large group of applicants who were asked to answer 10 questions such as “Please invent a single kanji character that means BIASED LOVE,” “Take a photo of ORDINARY,” and “If you could add a joint anywhere on your body, where would it be and how would you use it?” The Kennedy’s have been busy working on various projects such as creating their own business cards, producing a film for a snowboard workshop that took place in our gallery space W+K+, and many more. Their latest projects will be launching soon, so stay tuned!


塚本亮太 (31)
現代美術家。ケネディーズ参加前は大阪の船舶設備製造業者で部品の調達等を担当。「TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2017」でグランプリを受賞。G/P galleryやW+K+でも個展を開催。

杉若國太郎 (29)

村田遥人 (26)

佐奈木 敦 (24)

宇井百合子 (26)
アートディレクター、デザイナー。デザイン会社で3年間デザインとアートディレクションを経験。ラフォーレ原宿で展示。朝日広告賞、GOOD DESIGN AWARD、東北パッケージデザインアワード受賞。

From left to right

Ryota Tsukamoto, 31
Modern artist. Before joining The Kennedy’s, Ryota worked as a procurement manager at a shipbuilding-related company in Osaka. He has won the Grand Prix in Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2017, and has also held exhibitions at G/P gallery and W+K+.

Kunitaro Sugiwaka, 29
Film producer and comedy animator. Kunitaro holds a degree in product design from Kyoto Seika University. He has won the Semi Grand Prix in the 2017 BOVA public application category.

Haruto Murata, 26
Graduate student at Keio University. Haruto specializes in research around embodied media, and identifies himself as a media technologist.

Atsushi Sanaki, 24
Born in 1993, Atsushi is the youngest of The Kennedy’s. He is currently a senior at Tokyo Zokei University, majoring in graphic design.

Yuriko Ui, 26
Art director and designer. Before joining The Kennedy’s, Yuriko worked at a design agency for three years. She has exhibited at Laforet Harajuku, and has won the Asahi Advertising Award, the Good Design Award, and the Tohoku Package Design Award.