W+K Tokyo

NEW FACE | Chelsea+Hisae

Chelsea Hayashi ハヤシ チェルシー| Assistant Account Executive


Chelsea was born in New York, but raised in California. After graduating from college in Boston where she studied a bit of everything, she made the move to Tokyo to join WK as an intern. She has since found a home within the craziness, and learned to sleep standing up on the morning train. Favorite things include sunshine, running (kind of), deep belly laughs, pizza (though she’s highly lactose intolerant), warm hugs, and the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls.

Hisae Shiina 椎名 久恵 | HR Manager


Hisae was born in the nook of Shinjuku. After graduating from junior college, she joined a bank, and went to live in various countries from New Zealand, Australia and Guam, working in a variety of industries. Most recently, she worked as HR manager for a fashion EC site. She’s the type to take her interests and hobbies seriously and perfecting them. She’s been dancing flamenco since elementary school, and is a certified advanced open water diver. Last year, Hisae got hooked on golfing, practiced hitting balls every week and went on solo trips to Okinawa and Hokkaido to golf. Her latest fad is to run half marathons once or twice a year. She’s already ran marathons in Guam, Sydney and the Gold Coast, and this year she plans to run in Hokkaido. During the winter, she likes to whip out her granny-taught knitting skills. She loves to iron although 99.9% of the time, she will avoid buying clothes that require ironing. She enjoys frequently changing her hair color, and entrusts her long-time hair stylist to do whatever. Hisae loves coffee, beer, and lately likes drinking high-ball and shochu. She loves spicy food such as curry, Korean and Thai food, as well as sushi and tsukemen dipping noodles. But oddly, what she wants as her last meal is a giant size Fugetsudo gaufre biscuit!