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We’d like to introduce two inaugural graduates of the Kennedys who have joined W+K: Haruto, a media technologist, and Ryota, a modern artist.

Haruto Murata 村田 遥人 | Junior Creative






Haruto is originally from Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Although he lived only 10 minutes from the beach, apparently he’s not much of a swimmer. As a child, he was a baseball fanatic doing a summer project on the history of baseball gloves, and dreaming of becoming a glove maker.

He experienced an awkward phase, having to switch schools in the middle of 5th grade, when his family moved to Sannomiya, Hyogo. Adjusting to Kansai dialect was a challenge but he adapted well and successfully finished elementary school.

Haruto then entered a junior high school, one that’s integrated with the elementary school, and became the odd newcomer. He overcame another awkward experience, having to take part in a school camp from the second day but despite the adversities, he once again adapted well and completed junior high.

He joined a high school which, unlike most schools in Japan, had no strict student regulations, uniforms or hairstyle rules. Despite the freedom, Haruto spent his high school years immersed in baseball, with a shaved head and wearing just black. While failing to take advantage of his freedom, he once again adapted well and graduated.

He then took a gap year unsure as to which field to study, but finally decided to major in science having heard that it was possible to switch to humanities down the road. Studying material engineering in a science college, he spent the first year living in a dorm in a desolate town in Hokkaido. Finding his passion in skiing, he spent most of his winters in snow mountains, and spent the other seasons shaking test tubes and visiting Cambodia. There was no inclination to switch to humanities. To support himself financially, he started working part-time at a high-end yakiniku restaurant, and a discount shop frequented by juvenile delinquents, where he became interested in the field of communication.

For graduate school, he couldn’t get into the lab of his first choice, and settled for a CG research lab. Around this time, separate from the lab work, he was introduced to the field of media technology and noticed its potentials. He stuck with the lab for a while, acquiring marine survival skills of grabbing seafood with bare hands and cooking them in a pot, as well as respect for engineering, but withdrew and transferred to another graduate school to do a year research on music and ambulation before joining the Kennedys.

Despite his desire to further nurture his passion for creating things, he often ends up binge watching TV dramas. Haruto is a firm believer in the power of copywriting and technology.

Ryota Tsukamoto 塚本 亮太 | Junior Creative

亮太は大阪生まれ、兵庫育ち。小学生時代に水泳、卓球を始め、中学校で卓球、高校ではラグビー部で汗を流し、大学時代は琵琶湖のほとりで焚き火をして過ごしていた。20歳の時から個人的なものづくりをちゃんと始める。大学卒業後はパッケージ会社の営業で四国に1年、九州に2年。その後いっとき大阪のアートコミュニティーで無職生活を経て、大阪の船舶用設備製造会社で部品調達をしていた。(そこでフォークリフトとクレーンの免許を取得)。そしてケネディーズに加わるため上京。仕事の傍続けてきたプライベートワークではTOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2017 グランプリを受賞するなど、現代アーティストとしての顔ももつ。


Ryota was born in Osaka and raised in Hyogo prefecture. He did swimming in elementary school, table tennis in junior high, and sweated out playing rugby in high school. In college, he spent his time enjoying bonfires on the shore of Lake Biwa. At the age of 20, he started creating things as his personal projects. After graduating from college, he worked as a sales rep at a packaging company in Shikoku and Kyushu, as well as having a job-free phase living in an art community in Osaka before he began working as a procurement manager at a ship equipment manufacture, where he obtained licenses to operate forklifts and crane trucks. Last year he moved to Tokyo to join the Kennedys. In addition to his day job, he continues to be active as a modern artist, recently winning the grand prix of Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2017.

Ryota’s favorite food includes sushi, gyoza, and snack food – apparently one potato chip powering him to move 10 meters. His dislikes are raw carrots, the caramel part of caramel puddings, and shiso basil tempura. While he enjoys driving cars, he’s led a bicycle-based life in Tokyo, which apparently has toned up his thighs. It’s been a big shift from a life surrounded by rice paddies to Tokyo. He now loves Tokyo, but continues to love rice paddies too.