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Try Castanet’s cookies!


Castanet is a handmade baked confectionary shop in Nerima that has been welcoming its customers for over 30 years now. In the kitchen adjacent to the shop, confectioners with an intellectual handicap enjoy working together, making the most of their individual uniqueness. The shop has a wide range of baked confectionaries from cookies to pound cakes to apple pies, all of which boast their simple and rustic taste. It comes as no surprise, given the fact they don’t use any additives and instead focus on bringing out the best of the natural flavor of each quality ingredient.


Featuring their delicious confectionary and their diligent staff, we have produced a poster for Castanet. Since we got to capture a lot of fantastic photos during our kitchen shoot, we also decided to create a zine.


Seven-minute walk from Nerima station, Castanet is truly a charming place that even has a cafe space with terrace seats. Their confectionary can also be purchased on their online store. We hope that their gentle and heartfelt flavors will continue to warm the hearts of many!