W+K Tokyo

20th Anniversary

6月22日に、W+K 東京オフィスは20周年を迎えました!
On June 22, W+K Tokyo office celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Currently, there are 65 full-time employees, but a few member are missing from the group photo due to preparation for an event. We celebrated together with past employees who were invited for the anniversary.

A number of past members came, and among them was John C Jay, who founded the Tokyo office 20 years ago!

OMSB、yabiku、Reiji Okamoto、jan、呂布と豪華なDJ陣に加えて、Opus Inn>QNのライブパフォーマスも行われ、関係者だけしか聞けないのはもったいないレベル。
For DJs, we’ve invited OMSB, ybaiku, Reiji Okamoto, jan, and ryohu, along with Opus Inn and QN for live performances. The lineup was a shame to be only experienced by the staff.

A drawing robot, which draws past manifests and taglines, was created by Haruto, a Kennedys graduate.

Nukeme made us glitch stitch logo t-shirts. The logo glitches differently for each shirt.

ライブペインティングをしてくれたのは、Naoki ”SAND” YamamotoInoue Jun。オーバーオールを着た4~5人が1組となってカンバスになり、ところどころに”Walk in Stupid”や”Fail Harder”などW+Kのモットーも。
Live painting was performed by Naoki ”SAND” Yamamotoand Jun Inoue. Groups of 4 or 5 wearing white overalls became one canvas, and W+K mottos such as “Walk in Stupid” and “Fail Harder” was depicted throughout.

We’re looking forward for the next 10, 20 years as we use our creativity to make the world a better place!