W+K Tokyo

NEW FACE | Chinami+Keisuke

As we continue to welcome new faces, we’re starting to have people with the same first name. Currently, we have two Ayano’s, two Keisuke’s, two Mike’s and two Ryan’s, all of whom have been receiving misaddressed emails lately!


Chinami Narikawa 成川千波 | Art Director


Originally from Tokyo, Chinami moved to London when she was 19 and spent her 20’s there. She obtained a BA in graphic design and illustration, and a MA in communication design, both at Central Saint Martins. Since then, she has been working as a graphic designer and a visual researcher for movie productions in Europe. Wanting to spend more time with her grandparents, she came back to Japan and joined W+K. Her hobbies include weight training, visiting historic sites, training herself as an apprentice mermaid, experimental cooking, fantasizing, doing research on urban myths, picking mushrooms and nuts, having tea with her grandma, and being bare feet on soil.

Keisuke Fujita 藤田 啓輔 | Art Director

大阪府箕面市生まれ、神奈川県横須賀市育ち。早稲田大学でスポーツ科学を学び、卒業後、東京の新聞社で報道写真家としてキャリアをスタートさせる。2011年にオランダに渡り、デザインアカデミー・アイントホーフェン、 Man and Communication学部でコンセプチュアルデザインを学ぶ。以来デザイナーとしてのキャリアを積む。週末の少年野球やサッカーセネガルリーグを含む、ありとあらゆるスポーツ観戦、歩きながらの独り言が趣味。好きなものは、蕎麦、広島カープ、人間くさいもの。

Keisuke was born in Minoh, Osaka, and raised in Yokosuka, Kanagawa. After graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo where he studied sports science, he joined a news publisher and started his career as a photojournalist. In 2011, he moved to the Netherlands to study conceptual design in the Man and Communication department of Design Academy Eindhoven. He has been working as a designer ever since. His hobbies include watching any kind of sports from Little League baseball to Senegal League soccer, and also talking to himself while walking. He also loves soba, Hiroshima Carp, and anything human.