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CITIZEN’s 1st brand statement: Better Starts Now

シチズン時計株式会社が1930年の創業以来、初のブランドステートメント「BETTER STARTS NOW」を発表しました。
We are excited to announce that Citizen Watch Co., Ltd (hereafter, CITIZEN) introduces its first brand statement, BETTER STARTS NOW, since its foundation in 1930.

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo & Amsterdamとの共同作業から創り出されたBETTER STARTS NOWは、「誰でも、何をしている人でも、未来をより良くすることは出来る」というシンプルな信念であり、「今」こそが、そのためのスタートの時であるということを表しています。
CITIZEN has never stopped moving forward, believing “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better”. BETTER STARTS NOW, created in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo and Amsterdam, represents that “now” is the time to start doing it.

To help communicate this belief, we have created a new brand movie, brand identity and website.

オランダ人映画監督のJohan Kramer (ヨハン・クレイマー) が手がけたブランドムービーでは、手巻き35mmカメラやVHSカメラを用い、各時代のシチズンの様子が生き生きと描かれています。
Dutch filmmaker Johan Kramer who shot the brand movie used cameras like a hand-cranked 35mm camera and VHS camera and vividly depicted each generation of CITIZEN.

CITIZEN Special Globalhttp://betterstartsnow.com/

Our condolences to Mr. ​Takashi Nakamura (Marubell-do)




Takashi Nakamura, photographer at Marubell-do, passed away.

It was Mr. Nakamura who shot all of our staff portraits that you can see on wktokyo.jp
His energetic voice and direction have made the shooting very enjoyable.
Every portrait he shot is hung on our office wall as a part of our precious identities. Today, every new W+K member goes to Marubell-do for his/her portrait, as our agency’s initiation.

We will miss him and his photography.
Thank you for your wonderful photographs.
We will recall his great achievements and express our sincere condolences.

Future at the moment

先月4日、W+K Tokyo主催のトークイベント”Future At the Moment”を開催しました。
On June 4th W+K Tokyo hosted a talk event called “Future At the Moment”.
We’d like to thank the folks that took time to join us, and we’re posting some event images below.

Blake Harrop (Managing Director, W+K Tokyo)によるイントロダクション。
Introduction by Blake Harrop (Managing Director, W+K Tokyo)

W+K Tokyoのプロジェクトで来日した、レニー・グリーソン(W+K グローバル インタラクティブ・ストラテジー・ディレクター)は「テクノロジーとコミュニケーションの未来」についてプレゼンテーションを行いました。
Renny Gleeson (W+K Global Interactive Strategy Director), visiting from Portland, gave a presentation about “The Future of Technology & Communication.”

また、来日中にご取材頂いた「宣伝会議」8月号 が先日発売されました。データとコミュニケーションの関係についてW+Kの事例も交えてご紹介しています。
Renny’s interview is also featured in the August edition of the magazine “Senden-Kaigi” where he talks about about the relationship between data and communication. The magazine is currently on shelves around Tokyo.

Dr. Junichi Rekimoto (University of Tokyo, Professor) talked about “The Future of Technology & Sport”.

「テクノロジーと文化の未来」についてプレゼンテーションをして下さった、ハネス・グレー氏 (スポティファイ日本 代表取締役)。
Mr. Hannes Graah (Director of Spotify Japan) presented “The Future of Technology & Culture”.

A healthy supply of dagashi (traditional kid’s sweets) was on hand.

It was a deep, fun, casual event from the future and in the moment.


「知ったつもりにならないで、リアルに体験した方がいい日本の100 」、略して「知リ100 Supported by オロナインH軟膏」の最新動画が公開されました。
“The 100 things in Japan you should know by doing ” abbreviated to “SHIRI100 Supported by Oronine” launched its latest movie.

「火起こしとサーフィンと乗馬と」”Firelighting and surfing and horse-riding”

Official Site:http://shiri100.jp/
Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/shiri100


眼鏡ブランド「TYPE」のPOP-UP SHOPを代官山 蔦屋書店にて7/3 (木) – 7/31 (木) まで開催いたします。
Eyewear brand TYPE will open its popup-shop from 7/3 (THU) to 7/31 (THU) at Daikanayama TSUTAYA.

今回のPOP-UP SHOP に合わせ、Bird Design Letterpress(バードデザインレタープレス)による活版印刷体験のワークショップをいたします。「T」「Y」 「P」「E」の 4 文字を色々な書体の中から組み合わせて頂き、ご用意する活版印刷のマシーンで、オリジナルのしおりをお客様自身の手で作って頂けます。厚手のしっかりとした紙に、軽くへこんだ文字の陰影が美しい活版印刷の魅力をお楽しみください。
During the pop-up shop period, there will be a letterpress printing workshop by Bird Design Letterpress. You can design your own bookmark with 4 letters “T” “Y” “P” “E”, each in various typefaces, then print it with a letterpress printing machine at the pop-up shop. We hope you enjoy the beautiful texture of the prints on a carefully selected soft paper.

Oh My Glassesのオンライン・ストアでしか手に入らないTYPEのアイテムを、期間中は実際にその場で手に取っていただきご購入いただけます。是非この機会にお立寄りください。
You can try on TYPE glasses, which are normally only available at Oh My Glasses online shop. Please come visit us.


DATE:2014/7/3(THU)~7/31(THU), 7:00~26:00
WORKSHOP:2014/7/5(SAT), 11:00~17:00 *
PLACE:Daikanyama TSUTAYA, Gallery Space
(1F 17-5 Sarugakucho Shibuyaku Tokyo)
*Please note that the number of bookmark is limited.