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Visitors from Virginia

Some very nice, smart students from the University of Virginia came in to visit us this week as part of their Asia discovery trip. Lovely folks.

New Tokyo Ondo

Yesterday we were visited by the talented artist Nukyu, who won Japan’s Campus Genius Award in 2012. Nukyu’s animation “New Tokyo Ondo” was her first ever piece of animation work and ended up winning Gold.

若さと才能に溢れるアーティスト ぬQ さんがW+K Tokyoへ遊びにきてくれました。

彼女の最初のアニメーション作品 “ニュ〜東京音頭” は、2012年学生CGコンテストで金賞に輝きました。

The inspiration behind this animation comes from when a building in front of Nukyu’s house was demolished, allowing her to see the bright lights and skyscrapers of Shinjuku from her window, which she imagined as a distant island city. Accessible only by a long train journey, Nyuku began to imagine how much easier it would be to reach the island if only her arms were to grow longer.



Take a look at Nukyu’s wonderful world from this fantastic short animation


Thank you Nukyu.

We presented her with a W+K Tokyo “Good Shit” T-shirt to say thanks.

W+K Tokyo特製”Good Shit”Tシャツをプレゼントいたしました!とってもお似合い☆

Please take a look her other great creative pieces here↓



DJ Puripuri and Paul Nonaka

This is the image of Kintaro, a famous super hero from a traditional Japanese folklore.


And this is DJ Puripuri on the cover of the latest mauleaf, a quarterly published by Musashino Art University. The issue is entirely dedicated to this 27-year-old “mysterious creature” and his various unique projects. You might spot him in the crowded art gallery events, late night in club ageHa, or even at the mathematic tutoring school in Asakusa-bashi, looking just like Kintaro.

そして上が武蔵野美術大学の広報誌 mauleaf最新号の表紙に写るDJぷりぷり。彼を「UMA」と記し、DJ ぷりぷりとその活動を特集している。この写真そのままの衝撃的な姿の彼を、様々なアートイベントやメディアアートの展示会、またはageHaや、浅草橋天才算数塾など、東京中のランダムな場所で目撃する人も少なくないでしょう。

Even if you read the entire magazine and try to google his name for hours, you still don’t understand what he does or what he is. So we decided to invite DJ Puripuri and his partner, Pauro Nonaka to our office to get to know them.


After 45min, we were still not sure how they live off of what they do, such as operating their event space/bar/math tutoring school/music label/fortune telling service. But they seem to connect with the interesting people to get involved in various events and projects. “No concept,” they said, but they organically transform themselves and maneuver around the wide range of Tokyo culture. Their way of living sound very futuristic to us.



And the 1st album that’s recently released from their label is unexpectedly good.  No concept is the new freedom, may be?


Thank you for visiting us!


Lunch with…Misha Janette

Tokyo’s inspiring stylist/style icon/fashion editor/blogger, Misha Janette somehow managed her schedule to visit our office.

スタイリストでスタイルアイコンでファッション編集者で世界的ブロガーのミーシャ・ジャネットが、多忙のスケジュールの中、奇跡的にW+K Tokyoのオフィスに登場しました。

Isn’t it so refreshing to have someone like her to brighten up your lunch hour? She tells us she wears pieces designed and created by local designers. Her outfit is a curation of all of aspiring Tokyo designers.


Her shoes are designed by Anrealage, a Japanese label who created a whole collection inspired by low-res or pixilated image. Find out more about this brand and the collection on her blog post here.


>>Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Misha gave a nice presentation about the current trend analysis about Tokyo fashion and some of her favorite designers. She also shared some of her works as a stylist.


Thank you Misha for visiting us!

I hope you get a chance to take a look at her brand, Plumb. It’s the world’s first high-fashion wig brand.

W+K Tokyoのオフィスに来てくれてありがとうミーシャ!


>>Misha Janette’s Website

>>PLUMB | Fashion Forward Wigs for a Backward World

Lunch with…R.A.B. the world class B-boys


We prepared a proper floor for our special guests who visited us during our agency lunch hour.  It’s R.A.B. the world class breakdancers, who really showed us what’s up.








And they talked their love for Anime culture with passion. They said Anime allows them to connect with other B-boys around the world, even if they don’t speak the same language. We are totally inspired by these guys.




You guys are awesome and makes us so proud of Japanese culture. THANK YOU!!


” target=”_blank”>>>They have a CD out?! Check it out HERE