W+K Tokyo

Lunch with…vol.5

2010’s last guest for Lunch with… was Tota Hasegawa/ Tomato. Tota was here almost 5 years ago with another member of Tomato, Simon Taylor. We were all excited about his return and the collection of works he presented to us. He is traveling back and forth between Tokyo and London, and we were lucky enough to book his time for us.
It was so great to have you back, Tota! Please come again.

His book 『モノサシに目印』 is really popular among wk peeps!

Today’s lunch menu: Yakiniku onigiri(rice ball with BBQ beef), satoimo miso soup


Lunch with…vol.4

We invited Hiroshi Eguchi / Utrecht for our fourth guest. Eguchi-san runs a bookstore Utrecht in Aoyama. Utrecht is not only a bookstore, but it’s a gallery, a cafe, and a place for people to meet people. He is also a co-founder of Zine’s mate which is one of the first Art Book Fair in Tokyo.
“I love people. I want to introduce interesting people I know and what they do through Utrecht.”
-Hiroshi Eguchi, Utrecht
Thank you Eguchi-san for coming!
Today’s lunch menu:Green curry with Jasmine rice, Tuna and cucumber salad.

Lunch with… Vol.3

HITSFAMILY were our third guest for the lunch time presentation!


Arata Sasaki: Editor in chief of HITSPAPER and an organizer of design conference HIGH5.


Rie Hosokai daisy balloon: balloon artist.


Subaru Matsukura: Editor in chief of your-unknown-music.

Takashi Kawada: Art director.

They introduced us the theory behind HITSPAPER and the variety of projects HITSFAMILY is involved. And all the girls were super excited to see daisy balloon’s balloon dress and balloon bouquet! They were gorgeous. Thank you so much for coming HITSFAMILY! Maybe we’ll see you guys on the rooftop with beers!
Kuki’s Lunch with Vol.3 menu: Fried rice and shabushabu pork with fried eggplant salad.


Lunch with… Vol.2

We invited Kotaro Watanabe, a design engineer from takram for our lunch time session. He introduced us his previous works and actually brought one of his works “furumai”. It was inspirational 2 hours. Thank you for coming, Kotaro! We will all come visit takram for the beer party. Please be ready;)
Kuki’s Lunch with vol.2. menu: Dried curry with saffron rice and coleslaw.


Lunch with… vol.1

Last week, Yosuke Kurita and Takahiro Yamaguchi from CBC NET/GRANDBASE INC. came to our office and gave us great presentation. Yosuke not only introduced CBC NET and so many things he does, but also talked about the history of internet and showed us “what’s going on now in the field”. Takahiro introduced us his artworks.

Kuki’s Lunch with vol.1 menu: so-men noodles, chirashi-zushi and cooked Japanese vegetable “mizuna”. We all enjoyed nice and fun lunch time together.

Thank you two geniuses, Yosuke and Takahiro for coming! Please come by any time to say hi.