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NEW FACE | Marisa+Liwon+Eri

W+K Tokyo has now 70 employees!

Marisa Weber マリサ・ウィーバー | Account Director

Marisa is originally from the United States, born in a little country town between Washington D.C and Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up living in the woods, on a lake, and describes herself as a “hippie child incognito.” After graduating college and working at a few advertising agencies in Virginia, she headed to the West Coast. There, she spent the past few years working at W+K’s Portland, Oregon office and fell in love with the nature, food scene, and laid back “West Coast” attitude. She often says that she is an “East Coaster by birth but a West Coaster at heart.”

In her free time, she likes to watch movies (“everything from cheesy romantic comedies to horror flicks to documentaries”), enjoys all the culinary offerings of the city (she says “eating is her #1 hobby”), listening to music (mostly “indie rock and anything by Fleetwood Mac”), doing yoga (it keeps her “sane”), scanning the Internet for design inspiration (good interior design makes her “stupidly happy”), traveling (her goal is to “explore more of Japan and to eat her way through SE Asia”), and feeding her “weird obsession” with the latest Japanese and Korean beauty trends (saying she has “about 100 face masks” on hand at all times).



Liwon Kim リウォン・キム | Assistant Account Executive

Liwon is originally from South Korea, and is always full of energy and loves to dance. While she has enjoyed dancing ballet since childhood, she came to take interest in the street culture such as hip-hop music and street dance during college where she studied law and marketing. She founded “University Dance Community” where members of 60+ dance circles in Korean universities can come together, and has also hosted a dance event “Funky Girls” for female dancers, both of which are still active in Korea after being succeeded by her junior members. Before joining Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo as an account for Nike Korea and spending one year in Seoul before moving to Tokyo, Liwon worked at an underground-culture-savvy start-up creative agency, with clients such as Red Bull, Puma, Supercell, and KTO (Korea Tourist Organization).

いつも元気いっぱいで踊ることがとにかく大好きというリウォンは韓国出身。幼少期からバレエを嗜み、法律とマーケティングを学んでいた大学時代にはヒップホップミュージックやストリートダンスなどストリートカルチャーに開眼。韓国の大学の60以上のダンスサークルの交流の場としてUniversity Dance Communityを立ち上げ、さらに女性ダンサーのためのダンスイベントFunky Girlsも主催。どちらも現在も韓国で後輩たちに引き継がれている。レッドブルやプーマ、スーパーセル、KTO(Korea Tourist Organization)などをクライアントにもつ、アンダーグラウンドカルチャー色の濃いスタートアップのクリエイティブエージェンシーを経て、ワイデン+ケネディ トウキョウのNike Korea担当に。韓国で1年仕事をした後、東京に移住。

Eri Hirose 廣瀬 衣理 | Junior Comms Planner

Eri was born and raised in Tokyo. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Meiji University and completed a 10-month study-abroad English program in London at the same time. When she returned to Japan, she started her career in the field of digital marketing. Prior to joining Wieden+Kennedy, she worked at a digital marketing agency managing social media campaigns for fashion magazines, luxury and fashion brands, and beer makers. She has also written about fashion tech and e-commerce businesses for a number of digital magazines. She is always curious to learn new things and enjoys working with other people. She would love to work for a project that creates a positive impact on the society. Influencing and empowering Japanese young women is one of her dreams. Beyond work, she goes to jazz hip hop dance classes. Three things she couldn’t do without are traveling, fashion and a big portion of lunch especially sushi and ramen.

東京生まれ東京育ちの衣理。明治大学在籍中に10ヶ月間ロンドンに留学し英語を勉強。帰国後はデジタルマーケティングの業界でキャリアをスタート。前職のデジタルマーケティングエージェンシーではソーシャルメディアマーケティングに携わり、ファッションマガジンをはじめラグジュアリー・ファッションブランドやビールメーカーを担当。また、デジタルマガジンにてファッションテックやファッションビジネスに関するニュースの執筆も経験。趣味は Jazz Hip Hop ダンス。そのほか海外旅行やファッション、そして何よりもたくさん食べることが大好きで好物は寿司とラーメン。

NEW FACE | Mai+Naoko+Jason

Introducing the new faces at W+K Tokyo.
W+K Tokyoに参加した新メンバーをご紹介します。

Mai Ebine 海老根 舞 | Assistant Account Executive

Mai was born in Osaka, but spent her childhood years in California. She attended middle school in Japan, moved onto high school in Germany, then to college in Scotland. Upon graduation she found herself in Tokyo and started her career at J. Walter Thompson Japan. She’s a bit of a scatterbrain and finds herself interested in too many different things at once, but generally loves anything outdoorsy, and chooses her ghetto bike (with a missing grip) over public transport anytime.

大阪で生まれ、小学校時代をカリフォルニアで過ごす。日本の中学、ドイツの高校、そしてスコットランドの大学を卒業後、J. Walter Thompson Japanにてキャリアをスタート。アウトドアアクテビティなら基本なんでも大好き。原則チャリ移動。

Naoko Okada 岡田 直子 | Account Executive

Naoko was born and raised in Tokyo, but also studied abroad in Tennessee and Seoul. Her background in Anthropology led her to pursue her career in marketing research and then advertisement. She is passionate about CrossFit and lifting heavy barbels – anything that doesn’t really require cardio movements. Cross-stitching and going to escape rooms are some of other favorite things to do as well.


Jason Scott ジェイソン・スコット | Copywriter

Jason has been really busy so he asked his mum to write his ‘about me’ section for the website. He thought she’d write about what he studied and stuff but she went quite mummsy with it. This is what she wrote…

“Jason is exhausting, full of tireless energy and ideas, he never slows down or relaxes. He posesses a sense of humour that only he can understand and enjoys setting people up and finds constantly embarrassing everyone to be highly entertaining. He has an excellent work ethic and always makes the most of every opportunity to do something different and achieve whatever he wants. He believes in himself and his own abilities and is super confident. He thrives on adrenalin and pressure and does everything at a hundred miles an hour but does see things through. He is not a quitter. He loves everything that is quirky and different. He is also occasionally thoughtful, always caring and always positive. A glass half full kind of guy who makes the most of everything life throws at him and still wants more. He is sensitive and loving and has lovely blue eyes! I love him loads as he is my son!”

– Jason’s Mum




New Face | Kuyan+Azsa+Jess+Kana+Mattijs

Introducing new faces landed at W+K Tokyo over the past several months.
この数ヶ月にW+K Tokyoに参加した新メンバーをご紹介します。

W+K_Kuyama Hiroshi
HIROSHI KUYAMA 久山弘史| Creative Director

Hiroshi Kuyama used to work at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo until 2012, then worked freelance. In 2013, he marked 3 hours 11 minutes at Toyama Marathon. In 2014, after recovering from a meniscus injury, he made a comeback with half-marathon. From 2016, he is a creative director at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

2012年までW+K TOKYOに所属後、フリーランスとして活動。2013年富山マラソンにて3時間11分を記録。2014年に左膝の半月板損傷後、リハビリ期間を経てハーフマラソンに復帰。2016年からW+K TOKYOに復帰。

W+K_Azsa West
AZSA WEST エイジア・ウエスト | Creative Director

Azsa West comes from a haunted little surfer town in Southern California. She was raised by dolphins, skaters, aliens and a new age graphic designer. Azsa is a multidisciplinary creative with a background in art direction, writing, illustration, and film. She studied photography and illustration at The California College of Arts in San Francisco and graduated from W+K 12 with an emphasis on art direction and writing. She has exhibited works in Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Brazil, Sydney and Paris. A book of her drawings “Nature Study on Lonesome Island” was published in 2011. Azsa’s work has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Ad Busters, Huffington Post, Creativity, Girls Like Us, Put A Egg On It, CMYK, Fader, Good Magazine, and Fast Company. She currently works at W+K in Tokyo as a Creative Director.

エイジア・ウエストは、南カリフォルニアの小さなサーファータウンの出身。イルカと、スケーターと、宇宙人と、ニュー・エイジ・グラフィックデザイナーの元で育つ。カリフォルニア美術大学で写真とイラストを専攻した後、W+K12でアートディレクションとライティングを重点的に学ぶ。アートディレクション、ライティング、イラストレーション、そして映像制作まで幅広い経験を持つ。また、彼女のアート作品は、ロサンゼルス、ポートランド、ニューヨーク、ブラジル、シドニー、パリなど各地で展示されている。 2011年にはアートブック「Nature Study on Lonesome Island」が出版され、これまでNew York Times、Ad Busters、Huffington Post、Creativity、Girls Like Us、Put A Egg On It、CMYK、Fader、Good Magazine、Fast Companyなどの出版物で自身の作品が取り上げられている。7月よりW+K東京のクリエイティブディレクターとして東京で暮らす。

JESS ジェス | Studio Assistant

Jess was born in Brazil and raised in Shizuoka.
Before joining W+K Tokyo, Jess worked for the post production house Cutters Tokyo as Client Service Manager. She loves to draw/paint, to cook, and high places. She’s always down to walk around, explore the city and meet new people.

ジェスはブラジル生まれの静岡育ち。W+K Tokyo入社する前は、ポスプロハウスCutters Tokyoでクライアント・サービス・マネージャーをやってました。ジェスは絵を描くのと、料理と高い所が大すき。いつでも新しい人にあったり、のんびりして街に歩くのが好きな子。

W+K_Kana Ikushima
KANA IKUSHIMA 生島佳奈 | Account Supervisor

Born in Osaka. Kana studied abroad in Portland in the U.S. during her college days. After she graduated the college in Japan, she worked at a brand side, but then decided to join the agency side. She loves running, and has completed a full marathon for 8 times. She also loves to eat and cannot get enough of ramen and junk food. Kana’s dream is to complete the World Marathon Majors.


MATTIJS DEVROEDT マテス・デヴロッド | Senior Strategic Planner

Mattijs is Belgian and started his advertising life as a strategic planner at the Belgian creative agency Duval Guillaume. He then crossed the Channel to work at Ogilvy London and adam&eveDDB London. Today, five years after first leaving his home country, Mattijs is moving to Tokyo to join Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo as a senior strategic planner. Outside of work, Mattijs spends his time traveling, painting and eating.

ベルギー出身。ベルギーのクリエイティブ・エージェンシー Duval Guillaumeでストラテジッツク・プランナーとして広告業界でのキャリアをスタートする。その後、海を渡りロンドンに。Ogilvy Londonとadam&eveDDB London で経験を積む。故郷を離れて約5年、シニア・ストラテジック・プランナーとしてW+K東京に参加するため東京に引っ越してきてマテス。趣味は旅行、絵を描くこと、そして食べること。

W+K Tokyo

New Face | Mako+Taku+Joaquin

Introducing several new W+Kers who joined the agency past a few months.

Mako Tomita
MAKO TOMITA 富田まこ | Cultural Adaptation Manager

Born in Tokyo. Left Japan for boarding school, and lived in England and California for 15 years. Joined W+K Tokyo in 2002 as an agency interpreter. Became full-time mom to raise two awesome kids, and now after 8 years, she’s happily back at W+K. When not interpreting, Mako is a cook/baker, skier and a hardcore hockey mom.


Takuro Kobayashi
TAKURO KOBAYASHI 小林拓郎 | Cultural Adaptation / Interpreter

Originally from Yokohama, Taku spent his adolescence in the United States. He majored in sociology in college, and after graduation, he worked with a global apparel brand for its launch in Japan. He has also spent a year of study-abroad in France. After returning to Japan, he worked in the field of foreign language education, eventually pursuing his career as a freelance interpreter/translator before joining W+K. His hobbies include wandering around in a local supermarket whenever abroad.


Joaquin Zuluaga
JOAQUIN ZULUAGA ホアキン・ズルアガ | Digital Production Assistant

Born in Los Angeles, California, Joaquin first came to Japan in 2008 on an exchange program where he attended Osaka University. There he studied classical Japanese. He has read many of Edo period’s Saikaku or The Tale Of Heike. Prior to W+K Joaquin for an ad network helping connect global brands with Japan. Joaquin is a self-described computer geek.


W+K Tokyo


A group of W+K’ers came together and created created http://thoughtsandprayersbook.com : Comforting Tweets from Powerful Hypocrites as a way to turn these tweets into action to help end gun violence.

今月フロリダで起きた銃乱射事件。W+K Portlandの同僚数名が銃規制を訴えるためにクラウドファンディングのプロジェクト「http://thoughtsandprayersbook.com」を始めました。


売上は、The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence という銃規制団体に寄付されます。また、$25以上寄付いただいた方には、”有言不実行”な政治家が発した、銃被害者へのお悔やみの言葉を綴った本が届きます。日本からもクレジットカードで参加いただけます。賛同頂けるかた、是非ご協力下さい。