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Marisa Weber マリサ・ウィーバー | Account Director

Marisa is originally from the United States, born in a little country town between Washington D.C and Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up living in the woods, on a lake, and describes herself as a “hippie child incognito.” After graduating college and working at a few advertising agencies in Virginia, she headed to the West Coast. There, she spent the past few years working at W+K’s Portland, Oregon office and fell in love with the nature, food scene, and laid back “West Coast” attitude. She often says that she is an “East Coaster by birth but a West Coaster at heart.”

In her free time, she likes to watch movies (“everything from cheesy romantic comedies to horror flicks to documentaries”), enjoys all the culinary offerings of the city (she says “eating is her #1 hobby”), listening to music (mostly “indie rock and anything by Fleetwood Mac”), doing yoga (it keeps her “sane”), scanning the Internet for design inspiration (good interior design makes her “stupidly happy”), traveling (her goal is to “explore more of Japan and to eat her way through SE Asia”), and feeding her “weird obsession” with the latest Japanese and Korean beauty trends (saying she has “about 100 face masks” on hand at all times).



Liwon Kim リウォン・キム | Assistant Account Executive

Liwon is originally from South Korea, and is always full of energy and loves to dance. While she has enjoyed dancing ballet since childhood, she came to take interest in the street culture such as hip-hop music and street dance during college where she studied law and marketing. She founded “University Dance Community” where members of 60+ dance circles in Korean universities can come together, and has also hosted a dance event “Funky Girls” for female dancers, both of which are still active in Korea after being succeeded by her junior members. Before joining Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo as an account for Nike Korea and spending one year in Seoul before moving to Tokyo, Liwon worked at an underground-culture-savvy start-up creative agency, with clients such as Red Bull, Puma, Supercell, and KTO (Korea Tourist Organization).

いつも元気いっぱいで踊ることがとにかく大好きというリウォンは韓国出身。幼少期からバレエを嗜み、法律とマーケティングを学んでいた大学時代にはヒップホップミュージックやストリートダンスなどストリートカルチャーに開眼。韓国の大学の60以上のダンスサークルの交流の場としてUniversity Dance Communityを立ち上げ、さらに女性ダンサーのためのダンスイベントFunky Girlsも主催。どちらも現在も韓国で後輩たちに引き継がれている。レッドブルやプーマ、スーパーセル、KTO(Korea Tourist Organization)などをクライアントにもつ、アンダーグラウンドカルチャー色の濃いスタートアップのクリエイティブエージェンシーを経て、ワイデン+ケネディ トウキョウのNike Korea担当に。韓国で1年仕事をした後、東京に移住。

Eri Hirose 廣瀬 衣理 | Junior Comms Planner

Eri was born and raised in Tokyo. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Meiji University and completed a 10-month study-abroad English program in London at the same time. When she returned to Japan, she started her career in the field of digital marketing. Prior to joining Wieden+Kennedy, she worked at a digital marketing agency managing social media campaigns for fashion magazines, luxury and fashion brands, and beer makers. She has also written about fashion tech and e-commerce businesses for a number of digital magazines. She is always curious to learn new things and enjoys working with other people. She would love to work for a project that creates a positive impact on the society. Influencing and empowering Japanese young women is one of her dreams. Beyond work, she goes to jazz hip hop dance classes. Three things she couldn’t do without are traveling, fashion and a big portion of lunch especially sushi and ramen.

東京生まれ東京育ちの衣理。明治大学在籍中に10ヶ月間ロンドンに留学し英語を勉強。帰国後はデジタルマーケティングの業界でキャリアをスタート。前職のデジタルマーケティングエージェンシーではソーシャルメディアマーケティングに携わり、ファッションマガジンをはじめラグジュアリー・ファッションブランドやビールメーカーを担当。また、デジタルマガジンにてファッションテックやファッションビジネスに関するニュースの執筆も経験。趣味は Jazz Hip Hop ダンス。そのほか海外旅行やファッション、そして何よりもたくさん食べることが大好きで好物は寿司とラーメン。

Coca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKU

原宿ファッションの中心的存在、ラフォーレ原宿で10月30日から11月19日まで開催されるCoca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKUのキャンペーンビジュアルを手がけました。

ラフォーレ原宿内の約20のショップがコカ・コーラとコラボレーション。ロゴを配したウェアやアクセサリーなど限定アイテムが発売される3週間。ウェブサイトや館内で使用される今回のキービジュアルは、コカ・コーラのBold Simplicity (大胆なシンプルさ)、The Power Of Red (赤の力)、Familiar Yet Surprising (懐かしいけれど新鮮)というマニュフェストとともに、ブランドや流行に捉われず自分の着たい服を自由に楽しむ今の原宿の若者たちを体現しています。


We have produced the campaign visuals for “Coca-Cola Collection in Laforet HARAJUKU” held from October 30th to November 19th at Laforet Harajuku in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion neighborhood.

20 shops in Laforet Harajuku have collaborated with the world’s largest beverage brand. Limited items such as wears and accessories with the brand logo will be out for sale for 3 weeks. Together with the manifesto of the Coca-Cola brand — Bold Simplicity, The Power of Red, and Familiar Yet Surprising — the key visual displayed on the website and in the building embodies the youth in today’s Harajuku who enjoy wearing the clothes they like as they like without being influenced by brand names and trends.

Among various unique fashion styles that fill the streets of Harajuku, we especially focused on the street culture of “Ura-hara.” Key visual reflects the candid and unaffected attitude of the model, and the youth fashion of today that’s simple yet bold.

W+K+ Report


There has been a lot going on at W+K+ since the X-treme selfie stick rental shop in April. In this post we will introduce the exhibitions and events that we’ve had since then.

5日5日にはTHE OTOGIBANASHI’Sも所属するクルー、Creative Drug Storeが1日限りのPopUpShop Vol.7を開店。グッズ販売やライブなどが行われ、超満員で大盛り上がりでした。
PopUpShop Vol.7 hosted by Creative Drug Store was a one day pop up event with Live performances, DJs and CDS merchandises.

Naoki”SAND”Yamamoto’s new works were shown at his solo exhibition in May.

Shohei Fujimoto’s solo exhibition using razors and projectors.

6月に2日間だけ開催された地獄の軍団ブックフェアは加賀美健さんと中村譲二さん主催でZINEやグッズを販売。参加者はMotoyuki Daifuさん、ohianaさん、#SOBさん、Miri Matsufujiさん、Yamachanさん、Minami Shogo Kazuki(Kaito Itsuki, Shogo Shimizu, Kazuquiz)さんの3名、そしてもちろん加賀美さんと譲二さん。同時開催でTakahiro Haraさんの作品も展示していました。
Jigokuno Gundan book fair hosted by Ken Kagami and Joji Nakamura along with guest artist Takahiro Hara’s solo exhibition. Following artists took part: Motoyuki Daifu, ohiana, #SOB, Miri Matsufuji, Yamachan, Minami Shogo Kazuki(Kaito Itsuki, Shogo Shimizu, Kazuquiz), Joji Nakamura and Ken Kagami.

7月にはW+K+フリマ2。前回もから引き続き参加してくださったBe inspired!平山潤さん、FOR岡野隆司さんの他に今回はO-の宮崎大輔さん、作家の大川原暢人さん、星加陸さん、靴デザイナーのアライタカフミさんも出店。W+Kからは長谷川踏太と嶌村吉祥丸も参加しました。次回は年明けに開催予定。
We had our W+K+ Flea Market 2 in July, and hoping to do the third one in the beginning of next year. Participants were Jun Hirayama(Be inspired!), Takashi Okano(FOR), Daisuke Miyazaki(O-), Nobuto Okawahara, Riku Hoshika, Takafumi Arai, and from W+K, Kisshomaru Shimamura and Tota Hasegawa.

8月は今年活動を開始したデザインスタジオwellがローンチイベントを開催。#2 LIVING ROOMと題しカプセルコレクションと写真集の発表、そしてKazumichi Komatsu (Madegg)主催のライブ・DJイベント、LIVING ROOM 4を招致した音楽イベントも行いました。
A launch event of the design studio “well” was held in August. During the event, they showed their first capsule collection and a photo book, and had a music event hosted by Kazumichi Komatsu(Madegg).

Collaborative exhibition by artist Masaho Anotani and a leaf paper company Rekiseisha. Masaho Anotani used Rekiseisha’s gold, silver, brass, copper, pewter and other leaf papers to create his painting and collage works that were shown at W+K+.

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NEW FACE | Kiki+Jun+Kaede+Jordi

More new faces at W+K Tokyo!

Kiki Bowman キキ・ボウマン | Studio Manager

For Kiki from NY, Tokyo is the fifth city she’s lived in. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she has introduced Frito pie to every agency she has worked at. Stay tuned! Went to college in the U.S., studied abroad in Russia, attended graduate school at a Buddhist university. Worked a lot of odd jobs before starting in agencies, including but not limited to: a Kindergarten teacher, a retail employee at H&M in Scotland, legal assistant, a hip hop instructor at a summer camp, an accidental temp at a bomb factory, circus performer, and (once) a Tasmanian wedding planner. Used to run marathons but now prefers slow jogs around parks.

ニューヨークからやってきたキキにとって、東京は5つ目の都市。彼女が生まれ育ったのは、テキサス州のヒューストン。今まで働いてきたすべてのエージェンシーで、郷土料理フリートパイ を紹介してきました。大学時代にはロシアへ留学、卒業後は仏教系大学の大学院へ。広告代理店でのキャリアをスタートするまでは、いろいろな職業を経験してきました。幼稚園の先生、スコットランドのH&Mの販売員、法律事務所のアシスタント、サマーキャンプのヒップホップインストラクター。知らずに爆弾工場に派遣されたり、サーカスでパフォーマンスをしたり、さらにはタスマニアで一度だけウエディングプランナーをしたこともあるという、驚くほど多彩な職歴。昔はマラソンが趣味だったけれど、今は公園でゆっくりジョギングする方が好き。

Jun Shibuya 澁谷 淳 | IT Specialist

Born in Arakawa-ward and raised in Adachi-ward in Tokyo. After finishing high-school, majored in Architecture in college. He worked for a production company as a student worker during his college and decided to become a permanent hire upon graduation, and participated in producing and operating restaurant facilities, hotels and other commercial facilities. He then moved onto working as a hardware/software support specialist at a mega foreign IT cooperation. Now, he decided to join us as our own special friendly “genius bar”. He loves to travel overseas and he’s currently into visiting Asian regions such as Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai every other month.

荒川区生まれ足立区育ち。日本の高校、大学で建築学を学んでいた淳。大学在学中にアルバイトをしていたプロデュース会社に就職後、飲食店やホテル、商業施設などの企画・運営を行う仕事をし、その後外資系IT企業にてハードウェア、ソフトウェアのサポートをしていました。今はIT スペシャリストとして、みんなのジーニアスバーのような存在です。趣味は海外旅行。最近は1・2ヶ月に一回のペースで台北、香港、上海などアジア方面によく遊びに行っている。

Kaede Ose 大瀬 楓 | Assistant Account Executive

Known for her big smile and bigger heart, Kaede Ose has been looking forward to being part of the team and putting smiles on the faces of her new coworkers and clients alike. Ice cream, German shepherds, dark beer, ballet, cinema and R&B/soul music are some of her likes, while overly air-conditioned and/or crowded trains are her biggest pet peeve.Six years in the pop group The Possible, a year studying at the University of Essex in England and one and half year stint helping make films at Robot Inc. have prepared this Rikkyo University graduate for “the real world”!

素敵な笑顔で知られる楓は、ワイデンの仲間に加わることと、同僚やクライアントを笑顔にさせることをとても楽しみにしていました。アイスクリーム、ジャーマンシェパードドッグ、黒ビール、クラシックバレエ、映画、R&Bとソウルミュージックが好き。冷房が強すぎたり混雑している電車が嫌い。メンバーだったアイドルグループ「THE ポッシボー」を卒業したあと、一年間イギリスのエセックス大学へ留学し、立教大学現代心理学部映像身体学科を卒業。さらには一年半、株式会社ロボットで映像制作に携わり「実社会」で力を発揮する準備は万端!

Jordi Luna ジョルディ・ルナ | Art Director

He asked a good friend of him ‘Scott smith’ to write something about him, here’s the result:

Jordi Luna was born a Sagittarian —Half man, half beast, this Catalan is an enthusiastic consumer of information, as well as tacos. Upon meeting Jordi, you will now you no doubt recall what Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer once said, “…the age of Aquarius is over, say hola to Sagittarius” and you will be certain that he was right.

While in his youth, the little Sagittarian( Jordi ) enjoyed playing with Play-Doh making copies from famous paintings for his relatives. He studied Advertising and Audiovisual Communications and he loves thinking and crafting visuals even Centaurs (Zodiac’s most notoriously critical characters) fall in love with.

In 2012 he moved from sunny southern Europe to Amsterdam where he joined W+K Amsterdam working on accounts such as Nike, Instagram, P&G, Milka and other great brands. His work has travelled around the world and it’s been awarded internationally. He is a quick-witted man who works like a horse. His work ranges from creating a giant printing press for Nike- built to transfer the movement of athletes onto stunning posters-, to designing a monumental time capsule in Barcelona that will be opened in the year 2159. Jupiter’s golden glow is now reflected in the Moon, ushering in an era of unprecedented wellbeing, and jamón ibérico






With the world’s largest travel expo “Tourism EXPO Japan” coming to Japan on September 23rd, we took the opportunity to go deeper into the mythology of our mascot for Travel Portland, the lovable, blue, furry ‘Odnarodude.’ To hype Travel Portland’s presence at the expo, we put out three short ‘origin’ films and made a fully functional, arcade-style claw game for people to win the actual blue ‘dude-babies’ featured in the films.

9月23・24日に世界最大のトラベルフェア「ツーリズムEXPOジャパン」が日本で開催されるにあたり、ポートランド観光協会のマスコット、愛すべき青い毛皮の「オドナロデュード」の誕生秘話が明らかに! 3本のショートムービーと、映画に登場するオドナロデュードの赤ちゃんを手に入れるためのUFOキャッチャーを制作しました。

Birth Announcement!!

Come get a Odnarodude-baby!

UFO Catcher has landed!