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Will Smith at Our NY Office!

Will Smith’s latest movie, “Collateral Beauty”, opening on February 25th takes place at our W+K New York office. The office is used in various scenes throughout the film as the ad agency Howard (played by Smith) manages. So, let us take you through our New York office.



The film will be released on February 25th at Marunouchi Piccadilly, Shinjuku Piccadilly, and other theaters nationwide. As you watch this film and follow the story, we would like you to take notice of the conference room where the monitor comes down from the ceiling, and all the graphics that make up the office interior. The office is located in Manhattan, and has a spiral staircase that goes through the floors of the building. The office was designed by WORKac, an architectural firm that is also based in New York.


Our “coin staircase,” made of walnut wood, connects the 6th and 7th floors. It can also be used as an auditorium when people gather here.

A bar to grab a drink after work. There’s also a library above the staircase.

This casual meeting area is like someone’s living room.

Blueberries grow in this outdoor space, where you can catch fresh air as you have lunch or meetings. There’s even yoga classes held.

We’re actually jealous of our New York colleagues, knowing that this is their actual office, and not a movie set. It’s not as big, but we will feature our Tokyo office soon, so don’t miss out!



Shinya, who is currently spending his 3rd year in Portland and working at W+K Portland, updated his travel guide “REAL PORTLAND CITY GUIDE 2017: #REALPORTLAND” that lists places that he truly recommends going to.

ポートランドのW+Kで働き、現地生活3年目を迎えるShinyaが本当にオススメできるスポットだけをまとめた​、『REAL PORTLAND CITY GUIDE 2017: #リアルポートランド』が​​2017年版としてアップデートされました。

Real PDX 

The first edition was published in 2015, and quickly became 5th in Amazon’s new books for “overseas travel” just by word of mouth. A year and a half later, he has updated the book with an addition of 36 new shops and favorite restaurants that are not listed in the previous edition. These are places that Shinya, who is almost 30, a (not-so-affluent) bachelor went to eat, drink, shop and have fun after work or on weekends. The only criteria in selecting these places are whether or not he can “recommend it to Japanese people”. This book is filled with information about “real” Portland, as the city continues to grow each day.

2015年に発行し口コミだけでAmazon新書 「海外旅行」部門第5位になった前号の発行から1年半。その間に新しく見つけたお店、新しいお気に入りのレストラン、前号には掲載しなかったお店など、36のスポットを追加してアップデートした最新号です。30歳を目前にした独身(*貴族ではない)のShinyaが毎日仕事帰りに、週末に、食べ歩き、飲み歩き、遊びに行き、買ってみたものの中から「日本人にオススメできるかどうか」ということがセレクトの唯一の基準。街として日々着実に成熟度を増しているリアルなポートランドが詰まっています。

This fully re-edited edition, along with 75 locations, includes detailed information on farmers markets that you will not find anywhere else (he has been going around every week for the past 3 years). All locations include links to Google Map©, so it is easily accessible via Kindle, iPhone and other smartphones. That way, there is no need to wander around with the travel guide in hand!

約75スポットに加え、どこよりも詳しいファーマーズマーケット情報(筆者が3年間毎週通っている)を網羅して、完全再編集。すべてのスポットにGoogle Map©のリンク付きなので、Kindleはもちろん、iPhoneやスマートフォンで簡単に地図にアクセスできます。現地で、書籍のガイドブックを持ちながらウロウロしなくて済むように設計されています。


W+K Tokyo’s agency bonenkai, (aka ‘forget-the-year-party’) was held last week. Our bonenkai is more than just drinking. The party committee carefully planned and prepared the party, securing a sushi restaurant in Nakameguro as our venue. We were divided into teams, got a lesson from the sushi master, and battled for the most creative, best looking, sashimi plate!


Our hand-made happi coats, each silk-screened with the agency crest.

And original mameshibori hand towels with all our names printed on them.

Artistic mosaic sashimi plating by team Ooooo-uni.

Team Shake Shako came thoroughly prepared with ice plates and bowls made in the agency freezer.
チームShake Shakoは、会社の冷蔵庫で氷の器を作成する用意周到ぶり。

And the grand prize went to team Sexy Salmon for their glorious sashimi plating!
そして優勝したのは、見事な刺し盛りを仕上げたチームSexy Salmon!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo seeks Studio Manager

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo seeks Studio Manager
Are you a fun, honest, energetic, organized, responsible, creative people-person with a background in design and creative production and a passion to lead a team? Are you interested in working with some of the world’s biggest brands and creating an impact on culture in Japan and the rest of the world? Then read on!


About Wieden+Kennedy
Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, creatively led advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers. We are not a Japanese agency. Nor are we a branch of a Western agency doing adaptation work. W+K Tokyo is a hybrid – mixing different cultures, interests, backgrounds and skills to bring a new perspective, expertise and level of creativity to brand building for companies in Japan. The Tokyo office was founded in 1998 and we now have a team of over 60 smart, lovely, hard-working people.

Our founding goal was to do the best work of our lives for inspiring clients. We’ve tried to stay true to that aspiration ever since. Our core skill is advertising but these days that can encompass everything from building mobile apps to curating social media content.
We’re probably best known for our work on Nike, with whom we have worked for over 30 years. Other clients include Booking.com, Spotify, Otsuka Seiyaku, Delta, and more.



The Studio Manager is responsible for managing team of studio designers who assist and execute the development of creative presentation materials and mechanical production files for all produced print work. The Studio Manager is accountable for meeting deadlines for creation of all creative development and production materials created in studio.

Manages the development of creative presentation materials in studio by determining appropriate and necessary resources including personnel (internal and freelance Studio Designers, outside design firm), internal and external material resources; responsible for evaluating, correcting and approving the execution of creative development materials, especially when Art Director is unavailable.

Manages the production of all prepress and digital materials using internal resources or if necessary external resources. This includes supervising artwork scanning, color retouching and its approval, proofing, creating final pub materials and timely material delivery to publication or printer or W+K print & digital producers, requiring significant interaction and collaboration with Art Buying, Art Directors, Project Managers, Retouchers, Studio Designers, and Producers.

Develops creative development estimates and budgets which may include internal studio billable hours, outside design fees, internal/external hard costs.

Understands and effectively communicates the needs of Art Directors, Account Executives and Project Managers to Studio Designers at the inception of creative or production jobs.

Contributes to the profitability of the studio by evaluating use of freelancers, staying within production and creative development budgets and creating greater efficiencies within work process.

Prioritizes jobs in studio, maintains Studio Artist schedules and assign jobs to Studio Designers.

Evaluates, corrects and approves all production materials by Studio Artists; supervises and maintains technical precision and digital file competencies of all mechanicals/digital materials, maintaining highest quality of work product in studio.

Leads, trains, mentors and develops the skills of Studio Designers.

Contributes to studio production workflow development and efficiencies.

Stays abreast of current graphic arts technologies, including software, hardware and processes.

Stays abreast of design shops and industry trends and maintains a quality “pool” of available freelance talent













Qualifications, Distinguishing Characteristics and Special Requirements
-5 years minimum experience as studio artist (or equivalent) with increased project management experience

-2-3 years print and/or digital production experience

-1-2 years supervisory experience preferred; ability to lead, train and mentor a team of Studio Designers

-Advanced working knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator and working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

-Knowledge of prepress technologies and printing processes

-Ability to evaluate, correct and approve studio artists work product with regards to design, typography, creative quality and technical requirements

-Must be able to evaluate final color artwork and communicate appropriate correction, manipulation and composition based on art director or client direction

-Must be able to use appropriate terminologies and language to accurately convey changes or direction in concept or design

-Ability to interact with internal and external clients at a variety of levels and across functions

-Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, conversational Japanese is a plus but is not a requirement

-A demonstrated track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound critical thinking skills and maintaining composure in stressful situations

-Exceptional initiative and follow through skills

-Creative, strategic and analytical thinking skills




-InDesign、Photoshop、Illustratorの上級知識、MS Word、PowerPoint、Excelの知識










Does all the above sound like you?

Send your C.V. with a self-introduction letter explaining why you think this might be the right job for you to ronny.gallegos@wk.com.

If you don’t hear back from us within four weeks of application then your application has been unsuccessful. Sorry. Thanks for applying and best of luck with whatever you do next.




New Face | Kuyan+Azsa+Jess+Kana+Mattijs

Introducing new faces landed at W+K Tokyo over the past several months.
この数ヶ月にW+K Tokyoに参加した新メンバーをご紹介します。

W+K_Kuyama Hiroshi
HIROSHI KUYAMA 久山弘史| Creative Director

Hiroshi Kuyama used to work at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo until 2012, then worked freelance. In 2013, he marked 3 hours 11 minutes at Toyama Marathon. In 2014, after recovering from a meniscus injury, he made a comeback with half-marathon. From 2016, he is a creative director at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

2012年までW+K TOKYOに所属後、フリーランスとして活動。2013年富山マラソンにて3時間11分を記録。2014年に左膝の半月板損傷後、リハビリ期間を経てハーフマラソンに復帰。2016年からW+K TOKYOに復帰。

W+K_Azsa West
AZSA WEST エイジア・ウエスト | Creative Director

Azsa West comes from a haunted little surfer town in Southern California. She was raised by dolphins, skaters, aliens and a new age graphic designer. Azsa is a multidisciplinary creative with a background in art direction, writing, illustration, and film. She studied photography and illustration at The California College of Arts in San Francisco and graduated from W+K 12 with an emphasis on art direction and writing. She has exhibited works in Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Brazil, Sydney and Paris. A book of her drawings “Nature Study on Lonesome Island” was published in 2011. Azsa’s work has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Ad Busters, Huffington Post, Creativity, Girls Like Us, Put A Egg On It, CMYK, Fader, Good Magazine, and Fast Company. She currently works at W+K in Tokyo as a Creative Director.

エイジア・ウエストは、南カリフォルニアの小さなサーファータウンの出身。イルカと、スケーターと、宇宙人と、ニュー・エイジ・グラフィックデザイナーの元で育つ。カリフォルニア美術大学で写真とイラストを専攻した後、W+K12でアートディレクションとライティングを重点的に学ぶ。アートディレクション、ライティング、イラストレーション、そして映像制作まで幅広い経験を持つ。また、彼女のアート作品は、ロサンゼルス、ポートランド、ニューヨーク、ブラジル、シドニー、パリなど各地で展示されている。 2011年にはアートブック「Nature Study on Lonesome Island」が出版され、これまでNew York Times、Ad Busters、Huffington Post、Creativity、Girls Like Us、Put A Egg On It、CMYK、Fader、Good Magazine、Fast Companyなどの出版物で自身の作品が取り上げられている。7月よりW+K東京のクリエイティブディレクターとして東京で暮らす。

JESS ジェス | Studio Assistant

Jess was born in Brazil and raised in Shizuoka.
Before joining W+K Tokyo, Jess worked for the post production house Cutters Tokyo as Client Service Manager. She loves to draw/paint, to cook, and high places. She’s always down to walk around, explore the city and meet new people.

ジェスはブラジル生まれの静岡育ち。W+K Tokyo入社する前は、ポスプロハウスCutters Tokyoでクライアント・サービス・マネージャーをやってました。ジェスは絵を描くのと、料理と高い所が大すき。いつでも新しい人にあったり、のんびりして街に歩くのが好きな子。

W+K_Kana Ikushima
KANA IKUSHIMA 生島佳奈 | Account Supervisor

Born in Osaka. Kana studied abroad in Portland in the U.S. during her college days. After she graduated the college in Japan, she worked at a brand side, but then decided to join the agency side. She loves running, and has completed a full marathon for 8 times. She also loves to eat and cannot get enough of ramen and junk food. Kana’s dream is to complete the World Marathon Majors.


MATTIJS DEVROEDT マテス・デヴロッド | Senior Strategic Planner

Mattijs is Belgian and started his advertising life as a strategic planner at the Belgian creative agency Duval Guillaume. He then crossed the Channel to work at Ogilvy London and adam&eveDDB London. Today, five years after first leaving his home country, Mattijs is moving to Tokyo to join Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo as a senior strategic planner. Outside of work, Mattijs spends his time traveling, painting and eating.

ベルギー出身。ベルギーのクリエイティブ・エージェンシー Duval Guillaumeでストラテジッツク・プランナーとして広告業界でのキャリアをスタートする。その後、海を渡りロンドンに。Ogilvy Londonとadam&eveDDB London で経験を積む。故郷を離れて約5年、シニア・ストラテジック・プランナーとしてW+K東京に参加するため東京に引っ越してきてマテス。趣味は旅行、絵を描くこと、そして食べること。

W+K Tokyo