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Try Castanet’s cookies!


Castanet is a handmade baked confectionary shop in Nerima that has been welcoming its customers for over 30 years now. In the kitchen adjacent to the shop, confectioners with an intellectual handicap enjoy working together, making the most of their individual uniqueness. The shop has a wide range of baked confectionaries from cookies to pound cakes to apple pies, all of which boast their simple and rustic taste. It comes as no surprise, given the fact they don’t use any additives and instead focus on bringing out the best of the natural flavor of each quality ingredient.


Featuring their delicious confectionary and their diligent staff, we have produced a poster for Castanet. Since we got to capture a lot of fantastic photos during our kitchen shoot, we also decided to create a zine.


Seven-minute walk from Nerima station, Castanet is truly a charming place that even has a cafe space with terrace seats. Their confectionary can also be purchased on their online store. We hope that their gentle and heartfelt flavors will continue to warm the hearts of many!

NEW FACE | Chelsea

Chelsea Hayashi ハヤシ・チェルシー | Assistant Account Executive


Chelsea was born in New York, but raised in California. After graduating from college in Boston where she studied a bit of everything, she made the move to Tokyo to join WK as an intern. She has since found a home within the craziness, and learned to sleep standing up on the morning train. Favorite things include sunshine, running (kind of), deep belly laughs, pizza (though she’s highly lactose intolerant), warm hugs, and the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls.

W+K+ Report

前回レポートしたフィリピンにルーツを持つアーティストIan Andersonのあとも、W+K+では海外のアーティストの展示が続きました。今回はサンフランシスコ・ベイエリアのアーティストMatthew Bajdaのご紹介から。

After our previous report on the Filipino-born artist Ian Anderson, the W+K+ Gallery has been proudly hosting various exhibitions by oversea artists. Let us begin by introducing Matthew Bajda, an artist from the San Francisco bay area.

昨年11月に開催したMatthewの展示「Mace Of Disruption: A Perspective On American Safety」では何本もの釘バットが吊るされたインスタレーションと、銀色の紙に印刷された大きな白黒写真がギャラリーの前を行き交う多くの人々の興味を惹きました。オープニングパーティーでは森俊二さんのソロプロジェクト222のライブも行い、とても素敵な夜となりました。

In November last year, Matthew’s exhibition titled “Mace Of Disruption: A Perspective on American Safety” caught the eyes of many passersby with the installation of a myriad of spiked baseball bats hanging from the ceiling as well as with the large black-and-white pictures printed on silver metallic papers. The night of the opening party was embellished with a live performance by “222,” a solo project by Shunji Mori.

11月の平日ど真ん中に開催された24時間ポップアップショップ「YAGI」はオカモトズオカモトレイジが集めたアーティストやクリエイターがそれぞれの作品やグッズを販売するというもの。ほとんどの時間DJが回していたり、突然ライブが始まったりと、24時間ぶっ通しのパーティーのようなイベントとなりました。参加したのはKANDYTOWNからIOKeijuの2人、YOUTH QUAKEからはcar serviceYudai TanakaSUNHYUP KIMの3人、そしてTTT_MSW山田健人Qiezi MaboRiku Ikeya野崎浩貴極onTheBeatsFreyja Deanthe hatch (from 札幌)MC コース (秋葉原サイファー)Yohji IgarashiYabiku Henrique Yudi

In the 24-hour-only pop-up shop “YAGI” which opened its door right in the middle of a week in November, artists and creators gathered by Reiji Okamoto of OKAMOTO’S sold their own works and novelty items. The event was basically a 24-hour-long party where DJs played music the entire time except for during the live performances that always seemed to start quite abruptly. The participating artists included IO & Keiju from KANDYTOWN, car service & Yudai Tanaka & SUNHYUP KIM from YOUTH QUAKE, as well as TTT_MSW, Kento Yamada, Qiezi Mabo, Riku Ikeya, Hiroki Nozaki, Kiwami on The Beats,Freyja Dean, the hatch (from Sapporo), MC Course (Akihabara Cypher), Yohji Igarashi and Yabiku Henrique Yudi.


To cap off the year 2017, a joint exhibition “MONOBUBBLE” by two artists — LUNG from the UK and Joji Nakamura from Japan — was held. The artists spent four days creating a large-scale artwork that occupied the entire walls of the W+K+. The visitors were able to choose their favorite square centimeters of the artwork, cut it out by themselves for purchase, and take it home.


More exhibitions by amazing and inspiring artists are to be held at the W+K+ Gallery! Check out the dates on our Instagram / Facebook, and come join us!

The Kennedy’s Inaugural Class


The Kennedy’s, a “Next Generation Creative Accelerator Program” that started in W+K Amsterdam and adopted by W+K London, San Paolo, and Shanghai, finally launched in Tokyo last year. Five unique applicants were selected as members of the inaugural class from a large group of applicants who were asked to answer 10 questions such as “Please invent a single kanji character that means BIASED LOVE,” “Take a photo of ORDINARY,” and “If you could add a joint anywhere on your body, where would it be and how would you use it?” The Kennedy’s have been busy working on various projects such as creating their own business cards, producing a film for a snowboard workshop that took place in our gallery space W+K+, and many more. Their latest projects will be launching soon, so stay tuned!


塚本亮太 (31)
現代美術家。ケネディーズ参加前は大阪の船舶設備製造業者で部品の調達等を担当。「TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2017」でグランプリを受賞。G/P galleryやW+K+でも個展を開催。

杉若國太郎 (29)

村田遥人 (26)

佐奈木 敦 (24)

宇井百合子 (26)
アートディレクター、デザイナー。デザイン会社で3年間デザインとアートディレクションを経験。ラフォーレ原宿で展示。朝日広告賞、GOOD DESIGN AWARD、東北パッケージデザインアワード受賞。

From left to right

Ryota Tsukamoto, 31
Modern artist. Before joining The Kennedy’s, Ryota worked as a procurement manager at a shipbuilding-related company in Osaka. He has won the Grand Prix in Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2017, and has also held exhibitions at G/P gallery and W+K+.

Kunitaro Sugiwaka, 29
Film producer and comedy animator. Kunitaro holds a degree in product design from Kyoto Seika University. He has won the Semi Grand Prix in the 2017 BOVA public application category.

Haruto Murata, 26
Graduate student at Keio University. Haruto specializes in research around embodied media, and identifies himself as a media technologist.

Atsushi Sanaki, 24
Born in 1993, Atsushi is the youngest of The Kennedy’s. He is currently a senior at Tokyo Zokei University, majoring in graphic design.

Yuriko Ui, 26
Art director and designer. Before joining The Kennedy’s, Yuriko worked at a design agency for three years. She has exhibited at Laforet Harajuku, and has won the Asahi Advertising Award, the Good Design Award, and the Tohoku Package Design Award.

W+K+ Report


We invited 3 young artists to have their exhibitions from September to October. Each of them had a week to show their works individually, and at the closing party, they showed one piece each from their solo exhibitions.

TUNING GUM by Okawahara Nobuto


CROSSPOINT by Ray Washio


We held a talk show with the three artists at the closing party with Tota Hasegawa and Kisshomaru Shimamura from W+K as guest speakers. To create a relaxing atmosphere, the artists let people freely play table tennis or try out the exercise machines used as a part of Ray Washio’s art piece as the talk was going on. The three artists are currently attending Musashino Art University as seniors. We should keep our eyes on them for their future works after their graduation.

10月の後半にはW+K+では初めてとなる海外アーティスト、Ian Andersonの個展がありました。Ianはフィリピンとロサンゼルスで育ちで、現在は日本を拠点に活動しています。とても細い線で迷路や小さな模様、キャラクターなどを描く「マイクロアート」画風が代表作。

In late October, we invited the first artist from outside Japan to W+K+. Ian Anderson, born in the Philippines and raised in L.A. is currently residing and working mainly in Japan. His method of using very fine lines to create maze or intricate patterns is applied to draw characters and other figures.

11月の始めには五明淳さん主催の雪板ワークショップを行いました。雪板とはビンディングのないスノーボードのことで、板に足を固定せずに雪の上を自由に滑ることができます。ゲストでYOU THE ROCK★さんが音楽を流しながらシルクスクリーンワークショップをしたりと、大盛り上がりのイベントとなりました。

In early November, we had a Yukiita Workshop lead by Gomyo Atsushi. Yukiita is a type of snowboard without binding. With these boards, you can freely skate around on the snow without your feet bound to the boards. We also had an another guest artist called YOU THE ROCK★ give us a silk screen workshop while playing music.


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