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Audi | A6

If you could go anywhere right now, if you could take whatever you want and go spend a day as your heart desires, where would you go, and with whom?

Audi and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo started their collaboration at the beginning of 2018. Following the launch of Audi A7 Sportback and Audi A8 last year, a new campaign for Audi A6, a car that defines the unique value of premium cars, has launched.

Audi and Wieden+Kennedy’s proposal is to create a new possibility in the luxury car market in Japan. Although Audi A6 is a luxury car, our concept of the campaign is “to make the full car use of it.”

In this campaign, we defined what “luxury” is -- those who know how to spend their time, who go whatever and whenever they want, and always ready to go out. Whereas ‘luxury’ has traditionally meant scarcity or use of expensive materials, the new work reframes the idea of ‘luxury’ as being about personal time, space, freedom and seeing the world with a slightly broader perspective. The campaign marks a bold and dramatic move away from the flashy tropes of premium car communication in Japan.

Not just a status that owns high-class, rare and valuable things, but with your own values, spend time for yourself and go out to your favorite places to have a great experience -- this is the new definition of luxury, which Audi A6 proposes.

In the campaign, we rolled out OOH along highways, TV spots, newspapers/magazines, web ads such as Yahoo! page takeover and SNS posts.

Audiとワイデン+ケネディ トウキョウは、2018年からコラボレーションをスタート。「Audi A7 Sportback」「Audi A8」キャンペーンに続き、プレミアムカーの新たな価値を定義するAudi A6の新しいキャンペーンがローンチされました。
Audi A6が提案する新しいプレミアムカーの価値とは、単に高級で希少価値の高いものを所有するステータスではなく、自分の価値観を持って自分のために時間を使い好きな場所へ出かけて素晴らしい体験をすることです。今回は、A6を「使えるプレミアムカー」と位置付け、高速道路沿いをはじめとしたOOH、テレビコマーシャル、新聞・雑誌、web広告、SNSなどでキャンペーンを展開しました。

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