W+K Tokyo

Backstreets of the Internet

W+K Tokyo Lab launched a film entitled Japan’s Internet Backstreets, directed by W+K Tokyo Art Director Shingo Ohno a.k.a. Merce Death and filmed with various W+K Tokyo Lab collaborators and digital creators from Japan.

The film provides a glimpse of the type of creative culture that exists online behind the language barrier on the backstreets of the Internet in Japan.

Will Japanese Internet culture have an impact on global pop culture the way that Japanese street culture did? Are all Internet memes secretly manufactured in a warehouse in the Japanese countryside? No-one can say. But perhaps this video will allow you to form your own point of view.

日本の濃いぃ〜インターネット好きの間で絶大なる支持を得ているイベント「インターネットヤミ市」、そしてそのイベントを主催している『100年前から続くインターネット上の秘密結社 IDPW(アイパス)』のユニークな活動を海外に紹介すべく、彼らのインタビューを元に制作したドキュメンタリーフィルム。


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