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Follow Your Passion Wherever It Takes You With Booking.com

The campaign for Booking.com, Planet Earth's #1 accommodation site, launched with the 30-second TVC "Food Lovers" this year.

The 30-second and 15-second launch TVC, "Food Lovers," features two friends from Kyushu as they explore their love of food in and around Japan. They visit multiple accommodations, each with its own culinary specialty. By showing so many amazing accommodations, the spot illustrates the range and diversity of properties offered by Booking.com. By showing the two friends indulging their interests, the spot also lets travelers know whatever they want to do, Booking.com can help them find the perfect accommodation where they can do it.

宿泊予約サイトBooking.com (ブッキング・ドットコム) より、2016年の新キャンペーンがローンチ。キャンペーンの皮切りとして、テレビCM「Food Lovers」篇がスタートしました。

「Food Lovers」篇は、美味しいものが大好きな九州出身の友達同士のふたりが、国内外の様々な宿で、そこの宿ならではの食を楽しむ旅をしていきます。多くの宿を見せることで、Booking.comが持つ宿の幅広さと多様性を伝えていきます。

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