W+K Tokyo


The most important thing you can be is a friend. Whether you are backing them up in a karaoke booth, making them soup when they are sick, or just laughing at their dumb jokes. We are all someone’s friend. What kind you’ll be is up to you.

This is Facebook’s first campaign for the Japanese market. The campaign film, “You’re someone’s friend,” was directed by Zachary Heinzerling, a 2014 Oscar nominated director for Best Documentary Feature, and the voiceover was performed by the actor Ryo Katsuji. The campaign extends to online, out of home, train stations, and the worlds-first integrated 5-screen experience at Shibuya crossing, as well as of course content on Facebook.

The campaign was created in Japan, for Japan, bringing to life insights about culture, people and friendships, all to create work that is both intimate and familiar.



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