W+K Tokyo


A no hitter at Koshien. League MVP in his 2nd year. WBC and Japan Series champion. Yu Darvish is the premier pitcher in Japan.

He is also known to have a deep love for his fans. But unfortunately Darvish injured his shoulder and back and had to sit out the last six weeks of the season. And with the Nippon Fighters in the Japan Series, the fans of Sapporo needed him to come back. So we decided to give him a little extra motivation.

On the day of Game 1 of the Japan Series, we decided to roll a 1.8 meter in diameter baseball through out the streets of Sapporo, get his fans to sign it, and give it to Darvish. To everyone’s surprise he made his comeback a day later pitching 7 innings in a 4-2 Nippon Ham victory. We then gave Darvish the ball prior to Game 4 back in Tokyo. We evidently made a big impression on him because he ended up blogging it on his own blog.



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