W+K Tokyo

Nike | Gunyari Battle

Inspired by the incredible flexibility of NIKE FREE, we planned and executed the NIKE GUNYARI BATTLE event. Fourteen meter turntables were set up at the venue and excited the audience with original tracks created by the guest performers’ movement on them along with the music played by the DJs. Interactive motion graphics were projected on the LED screen and showed NIKE FREE bending flexibly to the music. More than 1300 spectators filled the venue and enjoyed this completely new one-day live event that brought running and music together.

NIKE FREEの柔軟性をインスピレーションに、ランニングと音楽が融合したイベント「NIKE GUNYARI BATTLE」を企画、開催。

会場の六本木ヒルズアリーナに、横幅14メートルの巨大な特別仕様のターンテーブルを設置。アスリートをはじめとしたゲストがターンテーブル上を走ることで、そのスピードと連動し、会場の音楽と巨大LEDスクリーンに映し出されたNIKE FREEのインタラクティブアニメーションが “ぐにゃり”と曲がりました。

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