W+K Tokyo

HIFANA Documentary

HIFANA is a break beat duo that has been wowing club music fans around the world with their creative and unique live performances since their forming in 1998.

In addition to HIFANA’s rare live performances in Japan and abroad, the film features exclusive interviews with HIFANA themselves as well as various artists and creatives who have collaborated with them. It uncovers in thrilling detail what’s at the core of their music and visual expressions.

1998年の活動開始から、その独創的なライブパフォーマンスとクリエイティブ表現で、世界各都市のライブ会場の音楽ファンを震撼させてきたブレイクビーツユニット、HIFANA。W+K Tokyo Labにより企画制作されたHIFANAの初ドキュメンタリーフィルムがオンライン上で公開されました。


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